Afternoon Tea with Andy
Sunday 10th August 2008
A fabulous Sunday afternoon outing with our friend Andy and his fiancee, involving a couple of cracking pubs in Kensington, and afternoon tea at the Orangery.
John's Pictures

The classic photo of a map taken with the mistaken belief it'll come in handy later on.

Here's Andy in the second pub we popped to while the girls were off shopping - the Windsor Castle. It is famous for these insanely small doors between the bars, and Andy being quite a tall chap meant I couldn't resist these photos (no doubt like about a million other people visiting this pub for the first time).

That little door in context. I sat their patiently waiting for an entourage of munchkins to come skipping through, but alas was disappointed.

Andy was keen to retry the picture of him coming through the door, with a more accurate depiction of the issues faced by a man of his height when presented with portals of dimensions such as this one.

Now you may not be able to appreciate this unless you look at the full size picture. On the way into Kensington Palace Gardens we saw some people practising archery on one of the lawns. Fair enough. What I didn't really expect to see though was R2D2 in that archery field. That was a bit odd.

A close up on my stand - scones with two types of jam (one might have been fig, the other perhaps apricot?) and clotted cream. On the top a selection of little cakes - two delicate little sponge cakes, a chocolate meringue and just obscured from view a custard tart (which I successfully traded for a piece of lemon sponge cake).

Me and Andy with a flute of champers each. In this picture he's the straight man, and I'm the funny man.

Chie wanted to get in the statue in the middle of the room.

Andy here was fixing the cake stand, which was a bit loose. One has to admire the satisfaction he is clearly taking in his work here.

Chie really seemed to like this statue thing.

Me and Chie in the taxi. The meter is currently at 3.20.

Erm I guess Chie is checking the meter then.