Belgium and the Netherlands
Friday 31st July - Sunday 2nd August 2015
A weekend trip to Belgium and The Netherlands while Chie's parents were over from Japan, taking in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Amsterdam.
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Brussels and Ghent
Friday 31st July 2015
Got the Eurostar to Brussels in the morning. Did a quick bit of sightseeing, and had lunch there, before getting an afternoon train to the very picturesque town of Ghent, where we stayed the first night.
Ghent to Antwerp to Amsterdam
Saturday 1st August 2015
Breakfast in Ghent, Lunch in Antwerp (including a vist to the zoo) then followed by a rather more arduous journey than we'd hoped for to finally get to Amsterdam in time for a late dinner.
Amsterdam and the Ferry back to England
Sunday 2nd August 2015
Chie's parents went to a museum in the morning, whilst the three of us just slobbed lazily around the hotel (Erika had not been very well in the night, and after yesterday's exertions we had no real enthusiasm for sightseeing). After an unsuccessful attempt to store our bags at Amsterdam Central station (all the lockers were full), we fortunately stumbled across a Bistro a friend had recommended to us for lunch. Chie's parents went off to do a bit more sightseeing again after that, whilst we roamed rather purposelessly around Amsterdam and Erika had a nap. Left Amsterdam in the early evening, headed to Hook van Holland to get the ferry back to England, and were treated to a nice sunset as we sailed away.