Bristol December 2018
Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th December 2018
Two nights in Bristol between Christmas and New Year to see a bit of the city and visit family.
John's Pictures

Thursday in Bristol
Thursday 27th December 2018
Got the train to Bristol in the morning, lunch at Stable (cider, pies and pizza), a bit of shopping in the afternoon, then Caribbean food for dinner followed by an evening visit to the little Christmas fair near our hotel.
Friday 28th December 2018
Picked up a Zipcar and drove to Abergavenny in the daytime to see Vera and Robin, picking up Louise on the way. In the evening went for a swim then dinner at San Carlo back in Bristol.
Bec and Jessica
Saturday 29th December 2018
Bec and Jessica came over to Bristol to spend the day with us today, we went to We The Curious (Bristol's science museum) and then later on back to the Christmas fair for a bit. Towards the end of the afternoon we got the train back to London.