California January 2007

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Apologies for the rather basic pages - I don't currently have access to a Windows PC, which means no Photo Studio. Hopefully normal service will be resumed at some point!

Monday 15th January
A few random pictures, mainly of pointless signs (!) on my first full day in CA.

San Francisco
Saturday 20th January
Lovely day out in San Francisco with my friend Junchan.

Italian American
Sunday 21st January
A couple of pictures from a lazy Sunday, when I did pretty much nothing other than going out for Italian food at lunchtime.

Wednesday 24th January
Just one picture - of some postcards (yea, pretty pointless I know)

Out with Simon
Thurssday 25th January
A couple of pictures from a night out with Simon, who was also rather superbly in California at the same time as me.

Friday Night
Friday 26th January
A couple of pictures from a Friday night out with a few people from work.

San Francisco with Simon
Saturday 27th January
Another day out in San Francisco.

Driving down to Santa Cruz
Sunday 28th January
A day out driving down to Santa Cruz and back.