Christmas and New Year with Yoko-san and Yuka-chan
Saturday 23rd December 2000 to Monday 1st January 2001
Chie's Mum and Sister came to stay in the UK over Christmas and New Year.
John's Pictures

Vera's House
Saturday 23rd December 2000
Yoko-san and Yuka-chan arrived from Japan and we headed to South Wales to stay at Vera's house, who was actually away (in Dartmouth?) for the Christmas week.
Alex's Birthday
Sunday 24th December 2000
Dad took me, Chie and her family out for a drive, including the Blorenge (I think) where we saw some snow. Later on Alex's birthday dinner in The Narth.
Christmas Day in Trelleck
Monday 25th December 2000
Christmas Day lunch at the village hall in Trellech, then back to The Narth in the evening.
Boxing Day
Tuesday 26th December 2000
The Boat Inn and Symonds Yat.
Day after Boxing Day
Wednesday 27th December 2000
I assume we went back to London today...?
Thursday 28th December 2000
Back in London after Christmas. Surprisingly it snowed. I think the girls must have gone sightseeing in the daytime without and I stayed home. Went to the ballet in the evening.
Friday 29th December 2000
Looks like I again left the girls to do their own thing and I met Rob in the afternoon for a bit.
Dinner at my Flat
Saturday 30th December 2000
Had dinner at my flat with Yuka-chan and Yoko-san.
New Year's Eve
Sunday 31st December 2000
New Year's Eve, decided to stay in.
New Year's Day
Monday 1st January 2001
Early afternoon stroll across Hampstead Heath before taking Yoko-san and Yuka-chan to the airport.