St. Mawes
Thursday 28th July 2016
Last full day of the holiday. Dithered over what to do for most of the daytime, ending up spending most of it just hanging around the house, and eventually going out toward the end of the afternoon to St. Mawes, where we had dinner.
Cornwall July 2016
John's Pictures

Ate lunch at the house for a change. Here's Jessica and Erika looking cheeky on the bench next to Great Nan Vera.


Erika had asked earlier in the day to go to a playground, so we took her to the one in St. Mawes.

A quick pre dinner drink in the Victory Inn in St Mawes (thinking we were going to be takeaway fish and chips for dinner).

Chie outside the Victory Inn.

Chie and Erika inspecting the beach at St. Mawes.

We actually ended up eating dinner in another pub in St. Mawes - the Rising Sun.

After dinner we went for another quick look at the beach in St. Mawes. I think this picture looks rather stylish somehow.

Erika, me and Chie all looking a bit silly.