More Nice and Eze - Cote d'Azur

More Nice and Eze

Tuesday 30th June 2009

Another day spent in and around Nice, including a trip out to nearby Eze to wander around the very photogenic village perché.

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11:26:56 Back in the old town of Nice again...11:38:51 Chie in the Cours Saleya.12:27:42 Lunch at a Lebanese restaurant - this was very good.

13:41:59 After lunch we went for a look at the cathedral Ste. Repare , although it didn't seem like we could actually get inside.13:42:08 More shots of the exterior of the cathedral.13:50:18 Chie had heard the ice cream in the cathedral square was quite good so we gave it a go - here we're having a rather odd combination of violet and chocolate and chilli ice cream.

13:50:34 There's the ice cream place.13:57:02 Another couple of not-that-great pictures of the cathedral.13:59:36 ...and from the back.

14:12:46 Next we decided to go to the old castle up on a hill overlooking Nice, to which there was a lift, down at the end of this little tunnel.14:17:19 ...and here are some views of Nice from the top. In this case, with some trees in the way.14:19:37 That's a bit better. Really hard to judge how much sea versus how much town to get in the frame.

14:19:49 So here's one with more sea, less town. I think that works better doesn't it?14:20:06 The old town seen from above - can see the cathedral we were looking at earlier.14:21:10 Self timer shot.

14:30:44 The waterfall, we'd seen this from down below and it had looked rather impressive. Very nice to stand by this and be refreshed by the spray!14:31:47 ...from the other angle.14:37:48 The view from the other side - over towards Nice Port.

14:37:58 ...with some rather swanky looking boats in the harbour.14:39:32 Same thing again really.14:39:44 ...and again...

14:46:00 Back round the other side, again the centre of Nice, and again not sure how much sea versus how much town is right!14:46:04 14:46:12 ...or how much sky, apparently.

14:46:18 14:56:43 On the way back through the town centre to the bus station - I rather liked these toy cars.16:23:52 So we got the bus from Nice to Eze, which, as well as being a very picturesque village perché, is also home to a couple of parfumeries.

16:24:35 A slightly uninspiring picture of the perché bit of the village.16:29:49 Walking up through the tiny little cobbled streets of Eze. I rather liked this effect with the archway and the clifftop beyond.16:30:36 Every direction you looked in Eze was photoworthy - as the glut of pictures from here on hopefully attests.

16:31:30 16:32:36 16:33:52 Very nice flower covered wall here.

16:34:05 16:36:07 I think that's part of the courtyard of the Chevre d'Or hotel.16:37:06 Very photogenic isn't it?

16:37:11 16:38:40 16:39:54

16:40:28 Nice and cool in this covered passage!16:50:09 Eze is also famous for its' exotic gardens, which we thought we should also take a look at...16:50:31 The weather was starting to look a bit menacing, but the views were still nice nonetheless...

16:50:48 Some of the rooftops of Eze seen from the exotic garden.16:51:54 Chie looking a bit like an explorer!16:52:30 Shame it's a bit grey here, but you get the idea.

16:53:38 There's the churchtower, and the hills beyond, looking back inland.16:54:31 Chie with Eze behind her.16:58:47 A very enviable roof terrace on top of that house over there!

17:00:48 17:03:59 ...a nice patio on the left hand side there, part of one of the hotels in Eze.17:08:45 Hmmm really struggling to make more comments now!

17:15:17 On the way back down now - there's the church.17:22:57 We also decided to visit one of the parfumeries for a quick factory tour.17:23:36 ...a nice view of Eze to be had from their car park.

17:28:20 Of course perfume making requires stills very similar to those used in making spirits...19:46:09 Later on, dinner at La Merenda - it had been recommended in Chie's guidebook because of these deep free courgette flowers.19:47:36 Chie tucking in.

20:03:07 I ordered two starters - this is a funny little pizza thing, and Chie had something meaty.20:39:18 Outside La Merenda.20:51:18 Random picture of a building somewhere in the old town presumably.

20:57:17 This sign rather appealed to me - Le Chat Gourmand.21:09:42 Took this for my mother's benefit - the fan in this bar was operated by a bit of Singer machinery.21:17:38 The bar we we stopped for a couple of post dinner drinks - called something like Les Distilleries Ideales.

21:49:30 A little park next to where we got the night bus back to our hotel.21:49:39