Cannes and Ventimiglia - Cote d'Azur

Cannes and Ventimiglia

Wednesday 1st July 2009

Spent the afternoon in Cannes, then popped over the Italian border in the evening for dinner in Ventimiglia.

Cote d'Azur

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11:43:34 Chie at Nice station.12:38:42 The beach at Cannes - nice to have a sandy beach for a change.12:38:49 The beach at Cannes again.

13:13:33 Lunch at a cafe in Cannes - we both fancied salads with chips.13:13:37 Our lunches - quite nicely presented here.14:00:32 The place where we had lunch - Le Crillon.

15:20:12 A little later on, after going for a quick swim, Chie and some of the boats moored in Cannes.15:23:53 Cannes harbour.15:28:30

15:28:47 15:36:46 15:39:19 Chie on the front at Cannes.

15:42:19 We then went looking for hand prints. Here's Terry Gilliam's.15:42:48 ...and Jeff Goldblum.15:43:06 ...I think that's the exhibition centre type thing where the film festival is held.

15:46:51 ....another bit of the same building.15:47:03 ...more handprints.15:48:24 There's Bruce Willis.

17:29:23 On the train now, travelling almost the entire length of the line that runs from Cannes to Ventimiglia. Not sure where this particular shot is exactly...17:30:09 I think this might be Villefrance again.17:51:09

17:51:12 17:51:22 18:18:54 ...and here we are, in Ventimiglia, the first town over the Italian border.

18:19:24 The town is sort of split in two by the wide basin of the river Roai, which you can see here.18:25:44 We decided to have a walk around what looked like the older part of Ventimiglia, which had a bit of a weird atmosphere to it - a bit of a ghost town.18:36:15 Quite a contrast between this and the colourful bustling streets of Nice, Ventimiglia felt really run down and depressed.

18:40:59 Another view of the town.18:55:56 Unlike the towns along the Cote d'Azur in France, they really didn't seem to make much of their bit of Mediterranean coastline in Ventimiglia - the beach was deserted and seemingly largely ignored.19:23:03 Anywho, even though the town itself was a bit depressing, being even just over the border into Italy of course meant the food was notably better than anything we'd had in France. Here's Chie's spaghetti al vonogole, which she said was very good. I had an excellent penne a l'arrabiatta which I neglected to take a picture of.

19:40:00 ....we then followed with half a pizza ai funghi each. There seemed to be loads of pizzerias in Nice, and we had tried a few of them, but every time it was a disappointment. By contrast the pizza at this place in Italy which we just walked into completely at random was very satisfying indeed, fantastic texture to the base, and real flavour in the tomatoes and mozzarella. 20:03:46 The outside of the pizzeria in Ventimiglia, although I can't quite make out the name of it from the sign.20:46:50 On the train on the way back to Nice - I think I was trying to get a shot of Monaco here.