Heading Back - Cote d'Azur

Heading Back

Saturday 4th July 2009

Spent the morning in Nice, before getting the train back to London in the afternoon.

Cote d'Azur

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11:25:53 Chie outside a greengrocers with a rather impressive display of peaches.12:05:37 The Casino supermarket where we bought things to eat on the train.12:29:10 Last meal in France - lunch at a cafe in Nice.

12:41:20 My omelette aux champignongs with frites and a green salad.12:44:10 Chie went for the duck.15:21:33 Later on, on the train from Nice to Paris. Chie about to tuck into some petits-fours.

15:21:45 The petit-fours up close.16:26:21 Some French countryside (looked much more interesting in real life!).17:14:06 A little village perché.

17:20:10 The last picture some mountains somewhere in central France, a couple of hours later we were in Paris.