Devon and South Wales Christmas 2019
Sunday 29th December 2019
A Christmas trip to see family taking in Devon and South Wales, with an in-between day in Somerset.
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London to Devon
Monday 23rd December 2019
Took the train to Bristol, stopped up for lunch there, then picked up a Zipcar and drove the rest of the way down to Devon.
Christmas Eve in Devon
Tuesday 24th December 2019
The plan for today was to stock up at the big Sainsbury's in Pinhoe near Exeter, then have a lunchtime drink at the marvellous Bridge Inn in Topsham. Slightly waylaid by an unexpected trip to Kwik Fit!
Christmas Day in Devon
Wednesday 25th December 2019
Presents in the morning, a midday stroll to the Anchor at Cockwood, then Italian food for dinner.
Boxing Day in Cheddar and Clevedon
Thursday 26th December 2019
Left Starcross in the morning, and drove to Cheddar, where we went to see the caves and the Gorge. After that we drove on to Clevedon where we had dinner and stayed the night.
Boat Inn
Friday 27th December 2019
Met up with Bec and family at the Boat Inn in Penallt, and stayed the night at the St. Pierre Country Park.
Vera and Robin
Saturday 28th December 2019
Went to see Vera and Robin in Abergavenny in the daytime before heading back to London in the evening.