Devon September 2021
Tuesday 31st August - Friday 3rd September 2021
Three nights in Devon to visit Dad, coinciding with his birthday.
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London to Devon
Tuesday 31st August 2021
Drove down to Devon, stopping off at Fleet services, Woodhenge and Stonehenge en route.
Wednesday in Devon
Wednesday 1st September 2021
Alas rather grey weather today, as pretty much our entire stay in Devon was. We pretty much stayed in and around Dad's house, just making a couple of forays out on foot, towards the end of the morning to go to the local coffee place, then to see Dad's allotment, then later on in the afternoon Chie and I went to the Anchor at Cockwood for a quick pint.
Dad's Birthday
Thursday 2nd September 2021
Took the ferry over to Exmouth in the daytime, then a multi stage feast in the evening, with seafoody starters and English sparkling at Dad's house, then a main course at the pub down the road, then back home again for birthday cake afterwards.
Friday 3rd September 2021
We left Devon in the morning to drive back to London, with a long stop off in Glastonbury on the way back.