Friday 25th October 2019
Most of the morning on the sleeper train, arrived into Paris towards the end of the morning and proceeded to have a not particularly successful time in the French capital before eventually just giving up and getting an earlier Eurostar back to London.
Italy October 2019
John's Pictures

Erika and I in the sleeper train in the morning. I look a little grizzly here - I think I only managed 3 or 4 hours sleep.

Erika in the buffet car getting breakfast.

Erika wanted to have breakfast in bed so we weny back to our cabin for it.

Erika brushing her teeth.

Finally at Gare de Lyon now - about two hours late!

Erika in the corridor of the sleeper train as we were getting off.

On the platform at Gare de Lyon.

Outside Gare de Lyon.

Out first disappointment in Paris - the place I had chosen for lunch was closed for refurbishment.

It was actually quite cold and Erika was hungry so we just went to a cafe round the corner instead. It was OK I guess.

After lunch we had our second and biggest disappointment of the day - the boat I wanted to get on to go for a cruise along the Seine wouldn't let us on because we had luggage. So to try and cheer us up I thought we could go to a famous ice cream place nearby - and guess what? Disappointment number three - it was closed for refurbishment.

We instead went to a different ice cream place which Erika said she really liked.

Erika on the bridge over the river Seine, at the point at which we'd decided to just give up, get an Uber to Gare du Nord, and see if we could get an earlier Eurostar back to London.

Erika on the Eurostar, on which we ate pretzels.