Japan March 2013
March 2013
A month in Japan in March - two weeks in Tokyo and two weeks in Hiroshima.
John's Pictures

Flying to Tokyo
Friday 1st March 2013
Erika's first time to fly!
Saturday in Tokyo
Saturday 2nd March 2013
Got the train from Narita to Tokyo, checked in at the Ritz-Carlton, met Yuka, and then in the evening went for vegetarian Chinese food with Andy and some of Chie's Gyosei friends.
Sunday 3rd March 2013
Headed over to Yokohama for the afternoon, had lunch with Tanaka-san and his family, then met up with Yuka and did a bit of shopping.
Monday in Tokyo
Monday 4th March 2013
Not very eventful really, I went to the office in the daytime, and we went out for pizza in the evening.
Tuesday in Tokyo
Tuesday 5th March 2013
Waved off the girls in the morning, who headed on to Hiroshima ahead of me. In the evening I met up with Tanaka-san for vege ramen at Kagetsu in Aoyama, followed by an unusual bar crawl in Yurakucho / Ginza, taking in the vending machine bar I discovered last year, and the Ginza Lion beer hall.
Wednesday 6th March 2013
Just a few pictures from the traditional night out in Ikebukuro which has to be included in every trip to Tokyo - dinner at Rohlan and a visit to Quercus to see Watanabe-san.
Night out with Andy
Thursday 7th March 2013
A night out in Roppongi with Andy.
To Hiroshima
Friday 8th March 2013
Got the shinkansen to Hiroshima in the afternoon.
Saturday 9th March 2013
Erika's first visit to Miyajima, and first time to meet a lot of the Morwaki family.
Dogo Onsen
Sunday 10th March 2013
First day of our two day trip to the famous Dogo Onsen and Matsushima on Shikoku, the smallest of the four main islands of Japan.
Monday 11th March 2013
Day two of our trip to Dogo Onsen and Matsuyama.
Erika's First Food and Visiting Great Grandma
Tuesday 12th March 2013
Erika had her first couple of spoonfuls of solid food (well, if you can call rice porridge solid food) this morning. In the afternoon we went to visit Yoko-san's Mother - Erika's Great Grandmother.
Wednesday in Hiroshima
Wednesday 13th March 2013
Went for lunch with Chie's friend Manachan, and then temaki sushi in the evening.
Thursday 14th March 2013
Did some shopping at Aeon Mall in the daytime, including a jinbei for Erika.
My Birthday in Hiroshima
Friday 15th March 2013
My birthday in Hiroshima, including lunch at Pizzariva, and a walk around Shukkeien park.
Kure Portopia
Saturday 16th March 2013
Afternoon out at Kure Portopia - a former theme park now turned into a public park.
Around Hiroshima
Sunday 17th March 2013
Spent some of the afternoon / early evening in the centre of Hiroshima.
Wednesday in Hiroshima
Wednesday 20th March 2013
Having recovered from the previous two days stuck indoors ill we ventered out today - for a walk in the park in the morning, then to meet a friend of Chie's in the afternoon.
Thursday in Hiroshima
Thursday 21st March 2013
Took some pictures of Erika in the Moriwaki family's baby kimono in the morning, and then in the afternoon went for a walk around Hijayama park to see how the cherry blossoms were coming on.
Sanzoku, Kintaikyo and Anderson
Friday 22nd March 2013
Lunch at a restaurant in the mountains called Sanzoku (which means "bandits"), then a visit to Kintaikyo bridge in the afternoon, followed by dinner at Anderson in Hiroshima in the evening.
Saturday 23rd March 2013
Day trip to Okayama to visit Chie's friends Testu-san, Hiroshi-san, along with Tetsu-san's wife Kanako-san, and their baby Shin-chan, who is roughly the same age as Erika.
Last Day in Hiroshima
Sunday 24th March 2013
My last full day in Hiroshima of this trip. Had soba noodles made by Chie's Dad for lunch, then met Chie's friend Nagi-san for coffee in the afternoon, and finished the day with dinner at Sushi-Tei.
Monday in Tokyo
Monday 25th March 2013
Got the shinkansen from Hiroshima to Tokyo in the morning, spent the remainder of the daytime at the office, then made to a return visit to Chien-Fu for dinner.
Tuesday in Tokyo
Tuesday 26th March 2013
Another day at the office, then spaghetti at Al Dente in Shinjuku for dinner.
Wednesday 27th March 2013
Spent the evening in Ebisu with Tanaka-san.
Bow Tie Thursday
Thursday 28th March 2013
Met up with Andy again for an evening out in Roppongi, Yurakucho and Asakusa. Wearing bow ties.
Friday in Tokyo
Friday 29th March 2013
Dinner with Chie's friends Yuki-san, Yumi-san, and Asakusa-san in the evening.
Leaving Tokyo
Saturday 30th March 2013
Last day in Tokyo today, and last full day in Japan of this trip. Breakfast in Roppongi, then checked out, and headed over to Ueno for the afternoon, where we had lunch, then met up with Andy. Towards the end of the afternoon we got the train to Narita airport, where we'd be staying in a hotel for the night before our flight with Chie's family.
Flying Back to London
Sunday 31st March 2013
Chie's family waved us off at Narita airport this morning, and we flew back to London.