Saturday in Tokyo
Saturday 5th March 2016
First day in Japan of this trip. Landed at Tokyo Haneda in the morning (first time for me to arrive there from London, much closer to the centre of Tokyo than the usual Narita), then got the shuttle bus to Shinjuku, and checked in to the Park Hyatt. Lunch at Al Dente, an old favourite of ours in Shinuku, then I had an afternoon nap while the girls went out to meet one of Chie's friends. In the evening we went to a kaiten sushi place in Shinjuku.
Japan March 2016
John's Pictures

Erika in our room at the Park Hyatt just after checking in.

The view from our room.


Our room.

Picture slightly reminiscent of Lost in Translation. Also I wanted to include my ridiculous orange suitcase, which I'd been forced to bring on this trip as my standard bag had gone mouldy.

There was a nespresso machine in the room.

Espresso and the view.

In the queue for lunch at Al Dente in Shinjuku, an old favourite of ours which happens to be fairly close to the Park Hyatt.

Erika and Chie outside Al Dente.

We've been seated now - here's Erika, Chie and two of the chefs.

....and our food has arrived, every bit as delicious as it used to be!

...and delighted to see Erika enjoyed it too.

I love this picture, Erika's level of conviction here is just staggering for a 3 year old.

Early evening view from our room, after I had a bit of an afternoon nap.

More views from our room.

Erika also decided to have a nap. In fact we couldn't really wake her up again for the remainder of the evening.

I decided we should go to a kaiten sushi place near the hotel for dinner, in the hope Erika might wake up, but as it turned out she was determined to just sleep through dinner. I was quite impressed by this grilled corn sushi.

Almost a picture of the three of us at the sushi place, but Chie is only just in shot, and you can't see Erika's face because she was determined to just sleep.

Back at the hotel, a dimly lit can of Sapporo with the view behind it.