Sunday in Tokyo
Sunday 6th March 2016
Another day in Tokyo spent mostly just trying to recover from jetlag. Alas we only had one night at the Park Hyatt (it was so comfortable, I was reluctant to leave), so after checking out headed over towards Tokyo station where we'd be staying in a brand new serviced apartment place for the next two nights. Lunch at the new vegetarian ramen place in Tokyo station, another nap in the afternoon, and then in the evening I looked after Erika while Chie met up with some of her friends.
Japan March 2016
John's Pictures

The view from our room at the Park Hyatt in the morning.

Erika and Chie lolling about at the Park Hyatt in the morning.

After checking out we took Erika to a nearby park for a bit of a play - they had these tricycles you could borrow.

Ramen for lunch at "Sora no Iro" (the colour of the sun?) the second place in Tokyo station now to offer vegetarian/vegan ramen. Both Chie and I thought this was more like a Malaysian laksa than ramen, but it was nice nonetheless.

Chie and Erika in the ramen place.


In the evening, Chie went out to see some of her friends, so me and Erika ate dinner in our little serviced apartment - we went to the nearby "depachika" (department store basement food hall) and bought tempura and inari sushi.