Asakusa, Ginza and Yurakucho
Wednesday 9th March 2016
Worked at the office in Tokyo in the daytime. Having not had the energy to venture far from my hotel the previous day, today I determined I should go a bit farther afield, and visited some of my old favourites in Tokyo - Kamiya Bar in Asakusa, Ginza Lion in Ginza, and the vending machine bar in Yurakucho.
Japan March 2016
John's Pictures

Coffee after breakfast at the office in the morning.

Kamiya Bar in Asakusa.

The "chu jokki" at Kamiya Bar.

I actually wanted to get a picture of the plastic version of the "French potatoes", those which reminded me of my school days, but outside in the display cabinet all they had were the "German potatoes", which appear to be the same as the French potatoes, with the addition of onions and bacon.

The famous lantern in Asakusa.

The interior of Ginza Lion.

The exterior of Ginza Lion.

I wanted to get a picture of this lady in a kimono in the rain, on the streetds of Ginza. Not sure it really worked.

Since I was in Ginza I decided to stop off at the local branch of Al Dente, for more excellent spaghetti.

In the lift on the way out of the Sony Building, where the Ginza branch of Al Dente is. I had decided to don a tweed suit for the evening, and liked the incongruous contrast of tweed and the very modern lift here.

The appeal of the largely outdoor vending machine bar seemed surprisngly undiminished despite the inclement weather.

Inside the vending machine bar.