New Year's Eve - Japan New Year 2010

New Year's Eve

Thursday 31st December 2009

Visited Chie's Grandparents in the daytime, then back to her parents' in the evening for nabe and some drinks to ring in the New Year.

Japan New Year 2010
14:53:36 A picture of the snow in Hiroshima, taken from the car.14:57:27 Snow on a little roadside shrine.15:31:50 At Chie's Grandparents house.
15:31:59 15:32:38 15:34:49 A kind of biscuit with ginger in (there was also another similar type without ginger, fans of Japanese gags will know what a delight this was for me).
16:39:19 Outside the Co-op near Chie's grandparents house.16:39:31 Yes they have the Co-op in Japan!17:17:48 Outside Yamaya - the discount drinks store.
17:51:49 Back at Chie's family's home - some deep fried nori tempura and some Asahi Aqua Blue.19:26:16 Chie helping out with tonight's dinner: nabe.19:26:22
19:28:32 Yuka-chan also lends a hand.19:28:41 Lots of mushrooms going in now.19:43:19 The finished product!
19:43:32 19:52:33 I think this was actually a video by accident.19:52:57 ...another go at that picture.
00:01:25 Just after midnight, here we are having a traditional soba noodles soup, typically eaten on New Year's Eve.00:01:32