New Year's Day on Miyajima - Japan New Year 2010

New Year's Day on Miyajima

Friday 1st January 2010

Visiting Chie's family on Miyajima on New Year's Day.

Japan New Year 2010
12:43:00 Chie and her Dad on the ferry to Miyajima.12:43:17 The other ferry.12:43:57 Looks sunny doesn't it? It was actually very cold!
12:44:27 Me and a vending machine.12:45:46 First view of the famous umi-no-tori.12:45:56 Closer up on the tori.
12:46:37 12:46:46 Quite like this one with a speed boat in the foreground.12:47:17 Lots more pictures of the tori...
12:47:27 Itsukushima Shrine has some snow on the roof here.12:47:35 12:47:47
12:48:00 12:48:57 12:49:03
12:49:17 12:49:23 12:49:34
12:52:36 Looking back towards the mainland.12:52:44 12:58:25 Chie and her parents outside the ferry port building on Miyajima, with New Year's decorations.
13:08:37 Chie and the tori.13:08:47 Deceptively summery looking picture of the tori!13:08:52 That came out rather well.
13:08:57 13:09:33 Me and Chie in front of the tori, a self timer shot.13:13:23 The queue to get into the Itsukushima shrine for hatsumode (first visit to a shrine of the New Year) - we decided to skip it this time round!
13:13:30 13:14:17 13:14:26
13:14:41 13:16:42 This is the Senjyokaku ("thousand tatami mat") building just up the hill from the shrine.13:17:41
13:18:18 Tried to get a picture of the water dripping off the roof - not sure this really worked!13:19:42 The pagoda as seen through Senjyokaku.13:19:48
13:20:13 Chie and the pagoda.13:20:30 A few more pagoda pictures...13:20:48
13:45:26 This sign says "Moriwaki Gasolene" - a petrol station ran by a relative of Chie's. I also rather liked the deer cartoon here.14:46:39 At Chie's aunt and uncle's house now.14:47:00 Lots of family pictures to follow!
15:33:42 Some very nice sake...16:10:44 16:10:52
16:11:03 16:55:58 16:56:17
16:56:22 16:58:09 Chie's Dad standing on a chair.17:03:06
17:03:29 17:03:38 17:03:50
18:43:21 There was a rather nice full moon to be seen from the ferry on the way back.18:46:42 18:46:54