Sunday in Hiroshima - Japan New Year 2010

Sunday in Hiroshima

Sunday 3rd January 2010

Another quiet day in Hiroshima without very much planned! Just went out to do a bit of shoping towards the end of the afternoon, then back home in the evening for okonomiyaki.

Japan New Year 2010
17:47:18 Outside the Aeon Soleil shopping mall in Hiroshima.17:48:01 ...which used to be a Kirin beer factory, and still has this sort of tower thing to attest to that...17:49:03 ....and a sort of visitor centre with a restaurant.
17:58:41 It seemed rude to not have a quick Kirin while we were in the area. This is actually a beer made on the premises here, which is an attempt to recreate the old style of Kirin from yesteryear.17:58:51 The menu where it mentionned this old style of beer.18:54:58 Okonomiyaki for dinner!
18:55:07 Mmmmmm...19:13:19 This is "otokomae tofu" - or "handsome tofu" in English. Note the imprint of the kanji for man on the top.19:28:46 Chie and her Mum cooking together in the kitchen - this is just for show, in actual fact Chie did almost none of the cooking. :)
21:06:22 Chie's sister works on a scientific research boat which visited Antartica earlier this year - she bough back a block of Antartic ice, some of which I had in a drink tonight. Was rather amazed by this.21:07:36 21:17:46 After it had melted a bit, these lines appeared.