Ujina and Sushi-Tei - Japan New Year 2010

Ujina and Sushi-Tei

Tuesday 5th January 2010

A late afternoon seaside stroll by the sea at Ujina in Hiroshima, followed by a visit to the bar on the top floor of the Grand Prince Hotel, and then dinner at Sushi-Tei in central Hiroshima.

Japan New Year 2010
13:26:41 Chie and her Mum cooking lunch.15:02:32 View out over the mountains from near where Chie's parents live.15:02:38
15:14:27 Chie's Dad used to work in this building apparently.15:39:25 A late afternoon stroll along by the sea at Ujina, a stretch of coast on the outskirts of Hiroshima.15:39:36 Um, I'm going to struggle to come up with comments for these pictures!
15:39:47 CHINA SHIPPING. A rather imposing looking boat.15:40:33 15:40:42
15:41:00 Some other boats off in the distance.15:41:10 Chie by the sea.15:46:43 I rather liked the simple silvery greyish colours of the sea, sky and that island in this next couple of pictures.
15:47:02 15:47:43 Me and Chie by the sea.15:47:55 A bit closer up as the lighting didn't work so well first time - I look a bit silly in this hat don't I? It was cold though...
15:49:29 Chie and her parents by the sea.15:49:43 Me and Chie's Dad swapped places for this shot.15:50:56 Bizarrely we found a little huddle of cats up on the cliff.
15:51:01 15:53:44 More generic sea pictures...15:53:49
15:53:58 I think one of those boats is a ferry to Miyajima.15:54:06 16:14:12 Now up on the top floor of the Hiroshima Grand Prince Hotel, which has some very nice sea views.
16:14:23 ...although some of the windows need a bit of a clean. :)16:14:45 Looking out over Hiroshima port here.16:14:56
16:17:04 Chie's Dad in the window.16:19:08 Chie and her Dad enjoying the view.16:21:43 A very nice Yamazaki "Owner's Cask" - the hotel seemed to have bought a whole cask's worth of bottles.
16:29:06 Can you see the lighthouse down there?16:29:15 ....zoomed in a bit on the light house.16:29:32 More sea views...
16:33:55 16:34:45 16:35:35
16:36:28 16:37:51 Taking in some of the inside of the bar in the Grand Prince Hotel. I rather liked these circular seating arrangements.17:02:03 The Yamazaki bottles in a large cabinet.
17:02:11 ...probably a good number of the original 300ish from the cask in here!17:08:37 There's the Grand Prince Hotel from the outside.17:55:29 Later on, dinner at Sushi Tei in the centre of Hiroshima. Here I'm starting off with some umi budo ("sea grapes") and mascarpone sushi. I don't really recommend the mascarpone, but the umi budo is a favourite of mine.
17:59:47 The counter at Sushi Tei. This is the one near the Shinkansen side of Hiroshima station.18:06:58 Some very nice avocavdo nigiri.18:07:08 ....and the usual ha-wasabi temaki (wasabi leaves).
18:10:28 ...here the avaocado nigiri again, and some daikon (white raddish) picked in beer.18:13:21 Tamago (omlette) sushi.18:15:58 Shiitake.
18:21:33 Chie and her parents in Sushi-Tei.18:21:54 Me and Chie.18:23:53 Shiso and pickled plum paste temaki.
19:13:37 Random picture of a taki-niku place on the way home.