Asakusa - Japan New Year 2010


Friday 8th January 2010

Spent the daytime working from my company's Tokyo office, then in the evening met up with my friend Tanaka-san for a night out in Asakusa.

Japan New Year 2010
18:48:00 The big lantern in front of Sensoji temple, a typical meeting place in Asakusa.18:48:21 18:50:27
18:50:54 Across the road from Sensoji, some nice illuminations.19:07:23 Started off in Bar Kamiya, very close to Sensoji.19:07:33 Here's Tanaka-san in Bar Kamiya. I'm very fond of this place - very old fashioned - like the Japan of Ozu's films.
19:55:09 The next venue, very much a local's izakaya and also quite old fashioned. Don't remember the name though.19:55:14 19:55:41 The staff at this place.
20:00:31 Outside that bar, with the large barrel from which they were serving sake.20:18:12 This is in Ran-tei now, Tanaka-san's friend's place. Tatami and sliding doors - it doesn't get much more Japanese than this!20:21:12 Me and Tanaka-san in Ran-tei.
20:36:04 Tanaka-san and his friend Kobayashi-san, the owner of Ran-tei.23:11:04 The chap on the left hand side here is another of Tanaka-san's friends from university, and the chap on the right a colleague of his friend.23:11:21 Same again with Tanaka-san and his friend swapped places.
23:11:48 Nice picture of the three of them there. Very Japanese!23:17:00 Tanaka-san was starting to get sleeping by this point, and superbly this upstairs room had futons in the cupboard.23:25:12
23:51:24 Night night Tanaka-san!