Eating in Tokyo - Japan New Year 2010

Eating in Tokyo

Saturday 9th January 2010

A day spent almost continuously eating in Tokyo - vege ramen in Akihabara for lunch, and a feast of Taiwanese vegetarian food at It's Vegetable in Kinschicho in the evening.

Japan New Year 2010
12:53:36 The breathtaking view from our hotel in Ueno. 13:27:01 Chie found a ramen place in Akihabara selling Vege Ramen. Quite exciting.13:29:05 Here's the vege ramen.
13:29:11 ...a close up. It was really tasty actually - basically lots of oil and garlic.13:30:02 Chie at the ramen place - Chabuton on the 8th floor of the Yodobashi camera building in Akihabara.14:35:00 A bit later on, in a different place - dessert - "short cake".
14:35:06 Close up on the short cake.14:35:48 Oh and I rather strangely had a pizza for dessert. HAving barely eaten anything the night before and having skipped breakfast, I was rather hungry come lunchtime.15:39:03 Chie in Ueno park, outside one of the museums.
17:25:37 At It's Vegetable in Kinschicho now - here's the menu. We ordered pretty much all of it.17:25:47 The first dish - roast "chicken" made from soy and gluten.17:27:25 Aoki-san and Kirilke-san in It's Vegetable.
17:29:08 The three of us in It's Vegetable.17:39:03 A few more dishes here - closest one were sort of imitation fish fingers, the middle was ma-po tofu, and the furthest away was sweet and sour "pork".17:53:15 Here now another fishy type dish on the right hand side (clever use of nori there to give it the taste of the sea) and on the left "beef" strips with peppers.
18:11:37 This was a special item not on the menu - papaya salad.18:22:09 Finally a sort of sesame ramen.