Enoshima and Ikebukuro - Japan New Year 2010

Enoshima and Ikebukuro

Sunday 10th January 2010

Spent the afternoon on the island of Enoshima near Tokyo, including a visit to the spa there. In the evening met up with Chie's friend Miyuki-san and headed over to Ikebukuro for the usual dinner at Rohlan followed by a wee dram or two at Quercus.

Japan New Year 2010
12:56:49 Lunch at J.S. Burger in Shinjuku.12:56:55 Was pleased to seee they still have a "vegetable burger" on the menu, but it was a bit overpriced for what it was. For some reason it came with lotus root chips.13:31:11 On the train to Enoshima. Here's the control panel of the train.
14:57:47 On Enoshima now - the steps leading up to the main shrine.14:58:40 Again, as seen from the side.15:00:38 One of the shrine buildings and a flag.
15:11:12 A less busy shrine a bit further up the hill.15:28:01 ...going back down the stairs again.15:28:06
15:32:25 Looking out across the bay from Enoshima.15:32:33 15:32:46
15:34:41 Something appealed to me about this house.15:37:23 Enoshima spa, where we spent the next couple of hours.17:23:30 Whilst in the spa we were treated to spectacular views of Mt. Fuji. By the time I got out it was just about light enough still to get a photo of it... Although it didn't come out in this shot as I didn't use the right camera settings...
17:23:48 ....but I think you can see Fuji-san pretty clearly here!17:24:51 That wispy line of clous is a bit of a shame, but this is still unmistakeably Mt. Fuji.17:25:32 I think this one is probably the best of the bunch.
17:26:25 17:31:49 A quick stroll around Enoshima by night by myself whilst waiting for Chie.17:32:00
17:32:45 17:32:51 17:33:30
17:42:41 Enoshima beer.20:28:17 Later on, dinner at the ever excellent Rohlan in Ikebukuro, where we were joined a friend of Chie's she'd met in the UK: Miyuki-san. It was particularly fantastic this evening.20:28:27 Me and the unbelievably good vegetarian tonkatsu.
20:37:00 Some more excellent dishes, including vegetarian chicken with ginko nuts, a very nice tofu dish (the details of which escape me), and tempura mushrooms with vegetables in black bean sauce.21:21:56 The owl statue in Ikebukuro - a popular meeting spot in the station. One (probably incorrect) derivation of the meaning of Ikebukuro (池袋) is "owl pond" - fukuro (or bukuro) being the Japanese for owl.23:05:26 The three of us in Quercus.
23:05:54 Watanabe-san and one of his newer members of staff Tim behind the bar.23:06:24 Really like this shot of the four of us in Quercus taken by Miyuki-san.