Off to the Airport - Japan New Year 2010

Off to the Airport

Monday 11th January 2010

I often don't bother taking pictures on the absolute last day of a trip to Japan, as pictures in airports are usually not that interesting! However I noticed on my camera I was just a few pictures shy of having taken 500 during this trip, and was determined to get there!

Japan New Year 2010
08:46:42 Me and Chie on the Keisei line from Ueno to Narita airport. This works out much cheaper than the Narita Express, and seems to take about the same amount of time (assuming you're in or around Ueno to start with).09:22:02 A windmill seen from the train on the way to the airport.09:43:31 The Keisei train on arrival at Narita airport.
09:53:19 Rather superbly our friend Ai-san, who works as a flight attendant, was passing through Narita at the same time we were, so we had chance to say a quick hello.10:23:30 Me looking like an unkempt mess beside a very glamorous looking Ai-san.10:42:32 Outside the Lawson convenience store in Narita. It's become something of a ritual that we always go here when flying back from Tokyo.
10:44:18 Chie sitting outside the observation lounge briefly to have a quick snack and get a breath of fresh air.11:00:23 I was rather intrigued by this McDonald's map.11:27:43 Chie on the phone to her Mum and Dad, shortly before we boarded the flight. I think this ended up being the 501st picture of the trip!