London April 2007

London April 2007

April 2007

Pictures in London in April 2007.

Dinner and Sapporo
Monday 10th April 2007
A couple of pictures of our dinner, plus the can of Sapporo I brought back from the US.

Wednesday 11th April 2007
Chie made kuroke for dinner.

Chinese Takeaway
Thursday 12th April 2007
Picture of a Chinese takeaway which was bland and horrible!

Markets and Gardens
Saturday 14th April 2007
A day out involving gardens, markets, and the Thames.

Jelly Beans (and Gardens Again)
Sunday 15th April 2007
Spent the afternoon sorting through jelly beans and then out in the gardens again.

Monday 16th April 2007
Curry for dinner... followed by strawberries.

Dinner with Mark and Christelle
Thursday 21st April 2007
Actually today was Rob and Byrnie's birthday, but I didn't quite get around to taking any pictures at their do - instead there's just a couple of random pictures of us having dinner with Mark and Christlle, followed by a couple of even more random pictures of me and Isembard Kingdom Brunel.

Spanish Omelet, Marathon and Japanese Food
Sunday 22nd April 2007
Pictures from a Sunday consisting of a very nice brunch, followed by a wander out to see a bit of the London Marathon, then Japanese food back at home in the evening.

Shakespeare's Birthday
Monday 23rd April 2007
Pictures from a night out to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday (!) - including a trip to the Globe to watch some old black and white films, then a wander along the Thames by night, followed by a gratuitous second dinner at the Blackfriars.

Tuesday 24th April 2007
A couple of pictures of Chie in a Yukata.

Chie's Day Out
Wednesday 25th April 2007
Chie had the camera today - she spent the daytime visiting the kids in Guildford, and then the evening out for dinner with her friend Akino-san.

Chelsea Physic Garden
Friday 27th April 2007
Chie and Mum spent the afternoon at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

South London
Saturday 28th April
An afternoon out with Mum and Keith to go and visit Merton Abbey Mills in South London.

Dim Sum and a Long Walk
Sunday 29th April 2007
Dim Sum at lunchtime before waving Mum and Keith off, and then Chie and I went for a long meandering stroll across London in the afternoon