Bar Italia and St. James's Park - London April 2010

Bar Italia and St. James's Park

Saturday 3rd April 2010

Spent most of the morning indoors, and just ventured out towards the end of the afternoon for a pretty non-specific meander through London, including a very good espresso at Bar Italia, and a bit of cherry blossom viewing in St. James's Park.

London April 2010

16:40:32 Chie in Bar Italia.16:40:56 A very good espresso and a cannoli (?) a kind of Italian sweet.18:25:47 Daffodils in St. James's Park.
18:25:52 18:35:55 Chie and some cherry blossom in St. James's Park.18:36:02 Cherry blossom always seems to incur a flurry of picture taken.
18:36:24 Can see Buckingham Palace in the distance here.18:36:30 18:36:38
18:36:41 Same again with Chie's eyes open!18:37:20 Taken from a conveniently placed bench (in Japan you would have had to fight for this bench!).18:42:12 Some ducks playing amongst the cherry blossom.
23:23:05 Back at home, me looking a bit tired out.