Petersfield, Buriton and South Harting - London April 2010

Petersfield, Buriton and South Harting

Sunday 4th April 2010

A foray into Hampshire to visit the Five Bells in Buriton, a pub Dad had recommended recently.

London April 2010
09:19:03 I can't resist taking this sort of picture - I've never seen an ATM show a command prompt like this before.09:23:35 Me waiting at the station, ready to head 'awf to the caaaaahnties, in appropriate attire.10:28:58 Chie on the train on the way to Hampshire.
10:41:51 In Petersfield in Hampshire now. Chie rather liked this letter box.11:32:40 Walking down a country lane from Petersfield to Buriton. The sun was poking through the clouds and this stretch of today's walk was very pleasant indeed.11:38:19 Entering Buriton now.
11:44:27 The main object of our quest: The Five Bells.12:03:59 Main entrance to the Five Bells.12:09:08 Inside the Five Bells, in the bar room. Note the low hanging beams in front of the bar.
12:09:22 Quite popular on a Sunday lunchtime it seems!12:10:52 Although we did find a rather nice little quiet corner.12:19:28 Me and my lunch - whilst a vegetable lasagne may sound like a bit of a boring vegetarian choice in a pub, this one was very tasty, and came with roast potatoes on the side! So as you can see I was very pleased indeed.
12:44:51 Chie taking some pictures of empty glasses...12:45:00 I think she rather laments the loss of the crown mark.12:45:10
12:47:18 The Five Bells as we were leaving.12:51:15 Wandering through Buriton we came to the village pond and the church - all very picturesque.12:51:21
12:53:17 ...and the sky was blue at this point!13:28:52 About half way from Buriton to South Harting here.13:33:13 Hmmm not sure the lighting really worked here.
14:17:28 The Ship in South Harting (we didn't actually go in here).14:29:05 ...instead we went to the White Hart up the road, which had a pool table in this rather nice little room at the back.14:55:23 Me outside the White Hart.
14:56:59 A view of South Harting, which is rather a pretty village (a bit of a shame about the cars though).15:29:45 On the way from South Harting back to Petersfield - a sign post to Quebec gave us cause for concern that we may have gone awry.15:29:52 Enjoyed messing around with angles here.
16:18:29 Chie had got wet feet trudging through a sodden field, and quite understandably had lost some of her enthusiasm for walking by this point.17:06:19 The Good Intent, which unfortunately was closed when we passed it.17:13:27 Rather like the old signal box at Petersfield station.