Hanami in St. James's Park - London April 2010

Hanami in St. James's Park

Thursday 8th April 2010

As it was such a nice day today, I decided we should leave work "early" and head to St. James's Park for hanami - a Japanese style picnic including cherry blossom viewing.

London April 2010

13:54:17 Pizza for lunch at the Express Coffee Co. near Channel Four.18:30:51 Sapporo and cherry blossom - could be in Japan!18:31:40 Me and Chie in St. James's Park, with some daffodils behind us.
18:32:55 Some vegetable tempura sushi bought from the Japan Centre.18:33:01 A rather nice cherry tree in full bloom in St. James's Park.18:33:08 ....lighting a bit better here.
18:39:56 Me and the cherry blossom.18:42:24 A squirrel.19:04:31 Cherry blossom close up.
19:04:40 19:04:47 19:04:55 An inquistive duck.
19:05:04 19:05:30 Bit hard to see here but there was a gaggle of ducklings.19:05:37
19:10:58 Slightly blurry picture of Chie and the cherry blossom.