Sunny Saturday - London April 2010

Sunny Saturday

Saturday 17th April 2010

Enjoying the spring sunshine in London - a stroll into the centre in the evening and then an early evening gin and tonic in the garden.

London April 2010

12:45:57 The fountain in front of Buckingham Palace. The colour of the water here made it feel very summery today.12:46:17 Chie was a bit embarassed to be in this very touristy picture!12:47:12
12:48:39 Always very nice floral displays in front of Buckingham Palace.12:58:18 An Atlas - usually these come in pairs (the other one is out of shot) and are referred to as Atlantes.13:01:55 Good example of Palladian windows here - the central light with the semi-circular top pokes through the pediment at the top of the two side lights.
13:03:38 People queuing outside Rail Europe's office near Piccadilly, presumably travellers stranded by volanic ash.13:05:00 The front of the queue.13:44:49 Lunch at Tibits.
13:44:55 Chie just got a plate of desserts!17:38:56 Later on, gins and tonicses in the gardens.17:39:10
17:39:31 20:19:43 Dinner - a sort of risotto primavera with asparagus, served with some baked mushrooms. Very nice!