Architectural Afternoon - London April 2010

Architectural Afternoon

Saturday 24th April 2010

Chie spent the afternoon with a friend, so I decided to venture out by myself to inspect some of London's architecture.

London April 2010

16:19:38 The front of St. Paul's. Architecturally this is described as "English Baroque" which seems to be more about the period than the actual style - it apparently isn't that strongly related to baroque in the broader sense. In fact if anything it pretty much seems to correspond to anything built by Christopher Wren.16:44:25 Rather liked the rounded door at the Cockpit, neat St. Paul's.17:06:25 Outside the Cockpit - really gone for broke with the St. George's Day flags here!
17:12:39 The dome at St. Paul's.17:20:49 A rather nice bit of tiling at the back of the Old Bell on Fleet Street.17:56:46 Very nice looking suit in Ede and Ravenscroft.
18:04:23 Spectacular Dry Martini mixed by Roxy Beaujolais at the Seven Stars.18:23:54 Some interior shots of the Seven Stars, with it's unique collection of movie posters for the somewhat narrow genre of legal comedies.18:24:03
18:28:07 The cat t the Seven Stars.18:28:42 18:31:12
18:31:26 Couldn't get the cat to look at the camera!18:31:39 18:37:08 Outside the Seven Stars.
18:37:48 Row of red phone boxes.18:38:43 Rather fine example of a tympannum.18:49:25 St. Etheldreda's Church on Ely Place in all it's gothic splendour.
18:50:43 Some shots of Ye Olde Mitre, which wasn't open today.18:50:51 18:51:13
19:58:38 Somebody had drawn skis on here.20:10:22 Staple Inn, which dates from 1585.20:10:29