London April 2011
April 2011
Pictures from London in April 2011.
John's Pictures

Saturday 2nd April 2011
Went to Camden Passage and Gray's Antiques Market in Mayfair to buy things made of silver.
Afternoon Stroll
Sunday 3rd April 2011
A Sunday afternoon stroll by the Thames.
Monday 4th April 2011
Parcel arrived from Japan.
Lunch in St. James's Park
Wednesday 6th April 2011
A burrito for lunch in St. James's Park.
Andy's Birthday
Thursday 7th April 2011
An afternoon off for Andy's birthday, and a jaunt around Holborn.
Cheese and Chips
Friday 8th April 2011
Cheese and chips for lunch!
Dim Sum with Iguchi Sensei
Sunday 10th April 2011
Dim sum at Royal China with one of Chie's lecturers from her university days, who was visiting England.
Monday 11th April 2011
A couple of random pictures in Belgravia.
Wednesday 13th April 2011
Okonomiyaki for dinner.
Pappy van Winkle's
Friday 15th April 2011
Tasting a Bourbon that was sent to us by a very generous colleague in the US.
Low tide
Sunday 17th April 2011
Picture of the Thames from Vauxhall Bridge, taken on the way back from Al's barbecue in Clapham.
Laphroaig Cask Strength
Friday 22nd April 2011
Received a bottle of the new Laphroaig Cask Strength, batch 003 today.
Gas Lamps
Sunday 24th April 2011
An odd afternoon stroll out to go and look at some genuine gas lamps in Westminster.
Monday 25th April 2011
Pimm's out in the gardens on Easter Monday.
Day before the Royal Wedding
Thursday 28th April 2011
A few pictures of the area around Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey the evening before the Royal Wedding.
Royal Wedding
Friday 29th April 2011
A few pictures from our only-moderately-successful attempt to go out and see some of the Royal Wedding on the streets of London.