London April 2013
April 2013
Back in London again after our month in Japan.
John's Pictures

St. James's
Monday 1st April 2013
Afternoon stroll around St. James's on Easter Monday.
Blossom in Belgravia
Tuesday 2nd April 2013
Just one picture of some cherry (?) blossom in front of St. Peter's church in Belgravia.
Breakfast at the Regency Cafe
Thursday 4th April 2013
Breakfast before work at the Regency.
Erika's Hat
Friday 5th April 2013
Erika in her strawberry hat.
Butternut Squash, and St. James's Again
Saturday 6th April 2013
Attempted - not very sucessfully - to feed Erika butternut squash this morning... Then another stroll around St. James's in the afternoon.
Afternoon Off
Sunday 7th April 2013
Chie took Erika to friend's baby shower in the afternoon, and I was left to my own devices. Lunch at Fortnum and Mason.
Mr. Kong
Monday 8th April 2013
Dinner at Mr. Kong in Chinatown.
Temaki Sushi
Tuesday 9th April 2013
Erika and Chie made temaki sushi for dinner.
Cocktails with Al
Wednesday 10th April 2013
Cocktails with Al in St. James's in the evening.
Heinz Fiery Chilli Beans
Thursday 11th April 2013
We had these for breakfast this morning. They weren't actually very nice.
Leon and Gav
Friday 12th April 2013
Just one picture from an evening out with Leon and Gav, who was again in London for a short time.
Saturday 13th April 2013
Went to Ikea in Tottenham to buy Erika a high chair.
Regent's Park
Sunday 14th April 2013
Went for a picnic in Regent's Park, and saw some of the (cherry?) blossoms there.
Tuesday 16th April 2013
Erika's second time to go to Oliveto.
Seven Stars
Friday 19th April 2013
Went for a drink with Robert at the Seven Stars.
Saturday 20th April 2013
Mum came to visit for the day.
Picnic in Hyde Park
Sunday 21st April 2013
Went for a picnic in Hyde Park today.
Monday 22nd April 2013
A few pictures of us larking about in the flat.
Sunny Weekday Evening
Tuesday 23rd April 2013
Wednesday 24th April 2013
Dinner with Leon in the evening.
Thursday 25th April 2013
Erika's first time to have pasta!
Dim Sum
Saturday 27th April 2013
Went out for dim sum for lunch.
Sunday 28th April 2013
Pictures of Erika's first teeth, and lunch at Dishoom.
Macaroni Cheese
Tuesday 30th April 2013
Macaroni cheese for dinner. A particularly good one at that.