London April 2014
April 2014
London in April 2014.
John's Pictures

Wednesday 2nd April 2014
There were ducks in the garden.
Friday 4th April 2014
Erika and some bubbles.
Trinity Buoy Wharf
Monday 7th April 2014
I went over to Trinity Buoy Wharf in the morning to pick up a painting for Sheri.
Tapas Takeaway
Tuesday 8th April 2014
Had tapas takeaway this evening.
Thursday 10th April 2014
Returning the Dyson.
Negroni and Crisps
Friday 11th April 2014
Negroni and Crisps.
Giving Chie a Break
Saturday 12th April 2014
Took Erika to a Dads and toddlers playgroup in the morning, then lunch at Brunswick House Cafe, then did a bit of shopping with Erika in the afternoon.
Lebanese Picnic
Sunday 13th April 2014
Bought takeaway food from Noura for lunch, and ate it in the little park nearby. Also went to Olivogelo for the first time, and made an Aviation with the new bottle of Bitter Truth violet liqueur I bought yesterday.
Dinner in St. James's Park
Wednesday 16th April 2014
Chie went out with a friend this evening, so I picked up Erika from nursery and took her for a picnic in St. James's Park for dinner.
Thursday 17th April 2014
Erika had an Easter party at her nursery.
Kew Gardens
Friday 18th April 2014
Took the boat to Kew Pier, then spent the afternoon wandering around Kew Gardens.
Golders Green and Hampstead
Saturday 19th April 2014
Went up to Golders Green to meet Chie's friend Yoko-san and her family, had lunch at the Old Bull ad Bush, then walked from there down to Hampstead.
Easter Sunday
Sunday 20th April 2014
Fairly quiet Easter sunday mostly indoors.
Vauxhall City Farm
Monday 21st April 2014
Went for a picnic in Vauxhall, of all places, for lunch - in the little park beside the city farm.
Veggie Age
Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Vegetarian version of kara age for dinner - one of my favourites!
Dirty Burger
Wednesday 23rd April 2014
Went to Kentish Town to look at a flat at lunchtime, had lunch at Dirty Burger.
Champagne with Iain
Friday 25th April 2014
Iain popped in to see us at TGIF, and share not just one but two bits of good news - thus Champagne was called for!
Sloane Square
Saturday 26th April 2014
Had a lovely lunch on the terrace at Carrafini near Sloane Square, then did a bit of shopping and went for a look round the Saatchi Gallery.
Cecilia's Birthday
Sunday 27th April 2014
Went along to Cecilia's birthday party this morning.
Monday 28th April 2014
Made a risotto primavera for dinner.
Tuesday 29th April 2014
Just one picture of Vincent Square looking very quintissentially English.
Wednesday 30th April 2014
Pub lunch at the Antelope, took this picture of the map wallpaper.