London April 2016
April 2016
Pictures from London in April 2016, including a weekend in Abergavenny.
John's Pictures

Saturday 2nd April 2016
First trip to London Zoo after Erika came back from Japan, including finally seeing the lions return to their new enclosure.
Diwana and Green Park
Sunday 3rd April 2016
Chie and I fancied curry for lunch, so we went down to Euston to eat at Diwana, then carried on down to Green Park for a bit of a wander around.
Top Hat
Monday 4th April 2016
Bought a top hat today, in preparation for Royal Ascot in June.
First Negroni of Spring
Tuesday 5th April 2016
Was light enough, and pleasant weather enough, for a Negroni out in the garden when I got back from work.
Oliveto and More Top Hat Pictures
Friday 8th April 2016
Chie had a late afternoon dentist appointment near my office today, so afterwards we decided to go for dinner at Oliveo, followed by gelato at Olivogelo. After that, back at home, since I'd bought a Winchester shirt I tried on my morning suit and top hat again.
Saturday 9th April 2016
Got the train to Abergavenny in the morning, and enjoyed a lovely family gathering in the afternoon.
Sunday 10th April 2016
Spent the day with Vera and Robin, went out to Kilpeck for lunch and a look at the very uniue church.
Back to London
Monday 11th April 2016
Got the train back to London in the morning.
Baudes and Fashion at Royal Ascot
Tuesday 12th April 2016
Rather enjoyed a bottle of Frederic Magnien's Chambolle Musigny Baudes 2003. Also spent some of the evening reading Fashion at Royal Ascot, which I'd just received a copy of.
Afternoon Off
Thursday 14th April 2016
Didn't feel like working this afternoon, and it was a nice day, so I took the afternoon off to look around for hats for Royal Ascot with Chie, then afterwards had a late afternoon / early evening drink at my club before going to pick Erika up from nursery.
Saturday 16th April 2016
Spent the morning and early afternoon in and around home - did a bit of gardening, and made a mushroom risotto for lunch. Then later on in the afternoon went for a bit of an aimless wander round St. James's.
Zoo and Garden
Sunday 17th April 2016
Took Erika to the zoo for the morning / early afternoon, did a bit of shopping in Camden, then spent the remainder of the afternoon in the garden back at home.
Tuesday 19th April 2016
Tried the new pizza place in Belgravia at lunchtime.
Rob's Mum's Birthday. Or Was it Rob's Birthday?
Saturday 23rd April 2016
Went up to Finchley for what I believed to be Rob's Mum's birthday party, but turned out to actually be Rob's birthday party.
Sunday 24th April 2016
Spent the morning at the flat, made ribollita for lunch, then spent the afternoon visiting a couple of Erika's friends in Pimlico.
Tuesday 26th April 2016
Tried another English Pinot Noir this evening - Gusbourne.
Some Random Burgundy
Wednesday 27th April 2016
Tried a random Burgundy I'd picked up in Majestic the other day.
Another Other Burgundy
Friday 29th April 2016
...and another Burgundy from Majestic.
Saturday 30th April 2016
Went down to Canterbury for the day to see Leon, Yukari and family.