London April 2018
April 2018
Pictures from London in April 2018.
John's Pictures

Cherry Blossom
Wednesday 4th April 2018
Checking the state of the cherry blossom and the apple tree in the garden.
Kings Cross Champagne
Friday 6th April 2018
As the weather was pleasant, sat outside on the steps leading down to the canal at Kings Cross and had Champagne with the usual suspects.
Manze's and Borough Market
Saturday 7th April 2018
Recreated a day from around this time last year - pie and mash at M Manze for lunch, followed by a visit to Borough market to buy spatzle and morels, which formed tonight's dinner.
Bricket Wood to Radlett
Sunday 8th April 2018
I went for a Sunday stroll in the rain.
Monday 9th April 2018
Just one random picture of Chie and Erika in the evening.
Afternoon Off
Tuesday 10th April 2018
As it was the Easter holidays I took the afternoon off to spend some time with Erika, and we went for dimsum for lunch.
Wednesday 11th April 2018
Benoit was in town, went for a drink around St Pancras.
Fish and Chips
Friday 13th April 2018
Fish and chips for dinner. Erika often has fish and chips for lunch at school on Fridays, so we rarely ever have it at home. As it was the Easter holidays for her still it seemed like a good opportunity!
Party and The Selfish Giant
Saturday 14th April 2018
Erika had a birthday party to attend in the morning, then as soon as that was finished we whizzed her into the centre to watch a musical version of Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant.
House Party and Archway Bridge
Sunday 15th April 2018
Chie invited some of her friends round for a party at our place in the daytime. I ducked out for a bit in the afternoon for a walk, but didn't really have enough time to get out into the countryside so instead just walked up to Archway Bridge.
Monday 16th April 2018
Some GevCham arrived in the daytime. Played Marble Run with Erika in the evening.
Tuesday 17th April 2018
Opened the crates of GevCham which arrived yesterday.
Thursday 19th April 2018
Finally some bloody sunshine! Like probably everybody else in London we had a barbecue.
More sun
Friday 20th April 2018
Sunny again today, what a delight.
Potters Bar to Radlett
Saturday 21st April 2018
Walked a stretch of the Hertfordshire Way from Potters Bar to Radlett - if anything a bit too warm for walking today!
Bugs Party
Sunday 22nd April 2018
Erika went to a friend's birthday party where she got to handle some bugs.
Laksa, Sort Of
Monday 23rd April 2018
Made a sort of laksa for dinner.
New Sunglasses
Tuesday 24th April 2018
New sunglasses arrived (primarily needed as I've been suffering with hayfever) and in the evening I built Lego with Erika.
Farewell Dinner
Thursday 26th April 2018
Farewell dinner with Christian in East Finchley who was imminently moving to New York.
Ice Cream
Friday 27th April 2018
Ice cream with Erika after school.
Saturday 28th April 2018
Natalie from work happened to be in the neighbourhood in the afternoon, so we met up at the Southampton Arms, then she gave Erika a cycling lesson, then back home for some ESW and risotto.
Sunday 29th April 2018
Chie was working today, so I took Erika to the zoo.
Monday 30th April 2018
Erika with her new piano (which Chie got from a friend who is moving at the weekend).