London April 2021
April 2021
Pictures from London in April 2021.
John's Pictures

Christian's Garden
Thursday 1st April 2021
Took the afternoon off work, and walked to East Finchley for a few glasses of wine in Christian's garden.
Good Friday
Friday 2nd April 2021
Purposefully had a fairly lazy day, and stayed close to home. Some pictures of the garden, then later in the afternoon took Erika out for a scoot around the neighbourhood.
Mum's Garden
Saturday 3rd April 2021
Finally got to see Mum after a year and a bit.
Easter Sunday
Sunday 4th April 2021
Erika went to an easter egg hunt on a nearby street in the morning, then in the afternoon we went for lunch in our friends' garden. Also I fit in a walk to the heath later on.
Easter Monday
Monday 5th April 2021
One final Easter egg hunt in the garden with Erika then off to the heath for a bit in the afternoon.
Tuesday 6th April 2021
Checking up on the progress of the bluebells.
Bluebells again
Wednesday 7th April 2021
Further checking on the state of the bluebells.
Thursday 8th April 2021
A bit of a grey walk to the heath.
Friday 9th April 2021
Last working day before our holiday. More checking of the status of the bluebells in the daytime then clocked off a bit early for a walk to the heath.
Tarp on the Heath
Saturday 10th April 2021
We'd arranged to meet Erika's friend on the heath, but a not very promising weather forecast inspired me to take a long a tarp, and set it up there as a shelter just in case, which was quite fun.
Friday 16th April 2021
Drove back home from the Forest of Dean in the morning / early afternoon, and when we got home I went and checked how things had progressed in the garden while we'd been away.
Brent Cross to Home and the Pineapple
Saturday 17th April 2021
After dropping Erika off at her Japanese school this morning I walked back home, which was a more pleasant walk than I expected, considering the rather grim start in Brent Cross. Then in the afternoon I went and paid my respects to the Pineapple, which had recently reopened.
Chie's Friends on the Heath
Sunday 18th April 2021
Went to the heath for a bit in the afternoon to meet some friends of Chie's.
Monday 19th April 2021
Checked up on the state of the garden in the afternoon.
Tuesday 20th April 2021
Erika had a rather neat idea to recreate the scene in Harry Potter where they run through the wall on Platform 9 3/4 in King's Cross. So she spent this afternoon / evening after school making a brick pattern on a long sheet of paper.
The Other Half of the Brick Wall
Wednesday 21st April 2021
Erika made the other half of the brick wall today, and we hung it up in the doorway so she could run through it, just like the Platform 9 3/4 scene in Harry Potter.
Cider on the Heath
Thursday 22nd April 2021
Took some cider to the heath.
ESW on the Foreshore
Friday 23rd April 2021
Headed down to the Thames "beach" at Bankside for some ESW with Andrew.
Wolstonbury Hill and Jack and Jill
Saturday 24th April 2021
Took the train down to Hassocks, and went for a circular walk taking in Wolstonbury Hill and then across to the Jack and Jill windmills. Then lunch at the Jack and Jill pub before heading back to London. In the evening had a barbecue with the girls in the back garden.
Vera's Clock
Sunday 25th April 2021
Quiet day mostly at home today. We put up Vera's clock.
Monday 26th April 2021
Went for a very quick walk to the heath before dinner.
Tuesday 27th April 2021
Checked things in the garden at lunchtime. Repotted the chocolate mint.
Thursday 29th April 2021
Another early evening trip to the heath.
Voting and Negroni on the Heath
Friday 30th April 2021
Filled out my postal ballot for the London mayoral elections today - the first time I've actually felt satisfied with voting in as long as I can remember. In the evening a walk to the heath, with a Negroni at aperitivo hour.