London April 2022
April 2022
Pictures from London in April 2022.
John's Pictures

Sushi and Sabrage
Friday 1st April 2022
Sushi for dinner to cheer us up, after yesterday's disappointing spanner in the works to our holiday plans. Also some slow motion sabrage.
Fourrier Collection
Saturday 2nd April 2022
Completed my collection of Fourrier's Gevrey Chambertin (was missing a 2014) this week, so took some photos of the whole lineup. Later on a walk to the heath.
Sunday 3rd April 2022
Similar sort of thing to yesterday.
Tuesday 5th April 2022
Went to see my local friend Jeremy later on in the evening for a glass of wine and a chat.
Wednesday 6th April 2022
Quick visit to the heath, then got caught in a heavy rain shower on the way to meet Erika and one of her friends for dinner.
Thursday 7th April 2022
A bottle of Hattingley Blanc de Blacncs arrived today, a belated birthday present from my friend Al.
Extended Stay on the Heath
Friday 8th April 2022
Had a longer than expected stay on the heath this evening, as it turned out Erika went for dinner with a friend, so I got a pizza and ate it atop Parliament Hill.
Andrew's Garden
Saturday 9th April 2022
Spent the afternoon in Andrew's garden down in Deptford, admiring the tulips and sabraging some ESW.
Kings Cross
Sunday 10th April 2022
Walked down to Kings Cross in the afternoon for Japanese Curry and ice cream.
Lunch on the Heath
Monday 11th April 2022
Erika went to a sporty activity on the heath in the morning with a friend. I picked them up afterwards and took them for lunch at the cafe near the bandstand.
Tuesday 12th April 2022
Tried Gusbourne's Pinot Meunier, but found it rather disappointing.
Wednesday 13th April 2022
Early evening visit to the heath.
Easter Monday
Monday 18th April 2022
Back in London for Easter Monday. Went to the Pineapple for a bit in the afternoon, then met Erika and her friend after their swimming lesson for dinner at Nando's (how luxurious!).
Tuesday 19th April 2022
A couple more random photos of the bluebells and apple blossom in the garden.
Heath with Christian
Wednesday 20th April 2022
Met my friend Christian for some wine on the heath this evening and ended up staying out very late.
Thursday 21st April 2022
Leon was in town, so we did a tour of some places around St Pancras / Kings Cross / Granary Square / Coal Drops Yard / whatever you call that area.
Colony Room
Friday 22nd April 2022
Spent much of the evening reading a book about the Colony Room.
To and Fro
Saturday 23rd April 2022
Chie had quite a bad stomach ache when she woke up this morning, so for a change I drove Erika to her Japanese school. When I got back again, Chie was in so much pain that I was concerned it might be appendicitis, and took her to hospital. After the usual multi hour wait the doctors decided it was more likely gastroenteritis and sent her home again. Fortunately Erika had been out at a play date in High Barnet for most of the afternoon, so later on I went up there to pick her up, which explains the rather odd sole photo from today.
HP Sauce
Friday 29th April 2022
Randomly a picture of one old and one new HP sauce bottles, showing the state of Big Ben (yes I know it's not strictly called that) with and without the scaffolding.
Devil's Dyke to Chanctonbury Ring
Saturday 30th April 2022
Went for a walk in the South Downs today, thinking I might also do another wild camp at the end of it, but ultimately decided against it.