London April 2023
April 2023
Pictures from London in April 2023.
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Vegan Planet
Monday 3rd April 2023
Went for dinner at Vegan Planet.
Tuesday 4th April 2023
Some outdoorsy / camera stuff arrived in the daytime. In the evening I went for a walk to the heath around sunset, and was surprised I managed to get there in good time even though I didn't leave home until 6:30pm.
Outdoor Cooking
Wednesday 5th April 2023
Various purchases related to al fresco cooking today, ahead of my upcoming trip to Dartmoor - a blow torch, some Butane for it, and some more camp stove (isobutane?) fuel canisters, with the aim of refilling the smaller ones I already have. Cooked tapas for dinner, under a tarp on the heath.
Disappointing Curry
Thursday 6th April 2023
Went out for a curry. To be honest it was a disappointment.
Easter Monday
Monday 10th April 2023
I was a bit unsure what to do with myself on the day off, but ended up going down to St. James's / Mayfair (largely so I could buy a discounted easter egg from Fortnum and Mason!) and while in that neck of the woods had a late Lebanese lunch at the Noura in Mayfair.
Risitto in a Ditch
Thursday 13th April 2023
More al fresco cooking this evening - this time I made a risotto primavera with the first of the season's English asparagus, in a muddy ditch on the heath.
Sabrage and Macaroni Cheese
Friday 14th April 2023
Sabraged a bottle of Exton Park and had a macaroni cheese for diner.
Bluebells and India Club
Tuesday 18th April 2023
Some photos of the bluebells flowering in the back garden. In the evening I went for dinner at the India Club.
Wednesday 19th April 2023
Went for a pizza at a local Italian restaurant.
Girls Back from Japan
Thursday 20th April 2023
The girls got back from Japan this morning. Rather impressively we got home from the airport at 8:50AM, and Erika was in school by 9AM! In the evening exchanging "omiyage" (souvenirs, generally edible) from our travels.
Friday 21st April 2023
Erika had a birthday party to go to after school today, and I went off to the heath for a bit while she was there.