Sunday lunch with Andy
Sunday 16th August 2009
Sunday lunch at the Mayflower in East London with our friends Andy and his wife, as a sort of early celebration for their wedding anniversary. Didn't have my proper camera with me today so you'll have to settle for some rather naff mobile pictures!
London August 2009
John's Pictures

Tower brdge - aaaggghhh! Would have been a nice picture if I could have kept my finger out of the way...

...and then this one looks sort of oddly blurred... how annoying!

One of Tower Bridge from actually on the bridge itself - at least it isn't blurred/obscured like the last two...

Yet again that bloody finger is in the way!

Me and Andy. I thought we looked a bit like waxwork figures here... which were presumably about to light owing to that super bright light behind us.

Andy and his lunch, with my jacket potato in its sea of cheese in the foreground.

The back of the Mayflower.

Later on, in one last pub before heading home - the Kings Arms on Tooley St. Hard to tell here owing to the poor picture quality, but Andy is actually sitting in an ejector seat.

...futile attempt to make it a bit more obvious by taking a closer picture - but you can't see the chair at all can you?