London August 2011
August 2011
Daily life in London in August.
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Thursday 4th August 2011
Empty desks, noodles for lunch.
Friday 5th August 2011
A few drinks in Belgravia after work.
Sunday 7th August 2011
The cakes I made yesterday - to a madeleine recipe, but I didn't have the proper madeleine moulds.
New Desk
Monday 8th August 2011
Moved to my new desk at work today.
No Riots in Pimlico
Tuesday 9th August 2011
Having read rumours on Twitter that there were going to be riots in Pimlico tonight I got a bit worried. It turned out completely unnecessarily so - Pimlico was absolutely fine.
Falafel and Thali
Wednesday 10th August 2011
London seemed very much back to normal again by today. Went for falafel for lunch, and then a thali at Masala Zone in Soho for dinner.
Whisky Society
Thursday 11th August 2011
First trip to the Whisky Society for ages. Went this evening with Al, Kyle, and Al's friend Hugh.
Breakfast at the Regency Cafe
Friday 12th August 2011
An unusual weekday breakfast at the Regency Cafe, as I didn't manage to have dinner the night before, and woke up quite hungry.
Eating and Shopping
Saturday 13th August 2011
Spent the afternoon eating and shopping in London.
Toad in the Hole
Tuesday 16th August 2011
Toad in the hole for dinner.
Thursday 18th August 2011
A few pubs in Fleet Street / Holborn - the Seven Stars, the Old Bank of England and Ye Old Mitre.
Saturday 20th August 2011
Bought some cocktail ingredients to make an Aviation.
Aviation in the Gardens
Sunday 21st August 2011
Wednesday 24th August 2011
Quite a nice sunset over Pimlico this evening.
Thursday 25th August 2011
Pizza for lunch at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen in Hyde Park.
Regent's Canal and Clerkenwell
Sunday 28th August 2011
A stroll along the Regent's Canal and then a wander around Clerkenwell, taking in the Wenlock Arms, the Rising Sun in Smithfields, Florin Court and the Museum of London.
Mr. Kong
Tuesday 30th August 2011
A return visit to Mr. Kong, a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown with a decent vegetarian menu.