Eating and Shopping
Saturday 13th August 2011
Spent the afternoon eating and shopping in London.
John's Pictures

An early lunch at Manze's on Tower Bridge road with Andrew from my company, and his wife Pascale - they live nearby.

Outside Manze's.

A little later on, after heading into the centre, dessert at Gino Gelateria, where we had some frutti di bosco (fruits of the forest), somewhere between ice cream and sorbet.

...and then a post-lunch drink at the Harp.

Dinner at Rossopomodoro. To start with a tiella - mixed Neapolitan fritters. They do seem to like deep frying things in Naples - presumably one arrives at a different perspective on healthy eating when living next to an active volcano. The best here were the little cubes which were filled with macaroni cheese - reminiscent of macaroni cheese pies in Scotland (another place fond of deep frying).

Chie and her veracella calzoni fritti (deep fried pizza!).

My vitulana pizza - a pizza bianco (white pizza - i.e. no tomato) with porcini and truffle sauce. Very good!