London August 2015
August 2015
Pictures from London in August 2015.
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Tuesday 4th August 2015
Chie's parents babysitted Erika in the evening so Chie and I could go out to dinner. We tried out the 12 course tasting menu at HKK, a Chinese restaurant near Liverpool Street.
Zoo and Tube Strike
Wednesday 5th August 2015
Took Erika to the zoo in the morning, and we were joined there by Iain and baby Alexander.
Ma Po Tofu and Veuve Fourny
Thursday 6th August 2015
Struggled into work despite the tube strike today (first tried National Rail, that obviously wasn't going to happen so instead took the bus), then dinner back at home in the evening with Chie's parents - Ma Po Tofu rather oddly paired with a bottle of Rosé Veuve Fourny.
Okonomiyaki and Parliament Hill
Sunday 9th August 2015
Chie's parents' last full day of their trip to the UK. Had okonomiyaki for lunch, then walked up Parliament Hill to take in the view.
Mr Kong
Monday 10th August 2015
Met up with Chie and Erika on their way back from seeing Jiji Baabaa at the airport, and went for dinner at Mr. Kong.
Zoo and Mexican
Wednesday 12th August 2015
Took Erika to the zoo in the morning, and tried Mexican food for lunch.
Harvie and Hudson Made to Measure Shirts
Thursday 13th August 2015
Went and ordered some made to measure shirts in the morning from Harvie and Hudson on Jermyn Street. Bottle of Gevrey Chambertin in the evening.
Bagels and Bad Weather
Friday 14th August 2015
Pretty dreary weather today for August. Montreal bagels at the office for breakfast. In the evening Negronis with Megumi-san, Chie's friend who was staying with us for a few days.
Saturday with Masumi-san
Saturday 15th August 2015
The Saturday of Masumi-san's 3 night stay with us - went for lunch at Ishbilia in Knightsbridge.
Lego Cafe
Sunday 16th August 2015
Bought Erika a Lego Cafe, which we then built in a cafe.
Tuesday 18th August 2015
Trip to Franks (maybe the last of the summer?) to wave off a colleague who was moving to the US.
Wednesday 19th August 2015
Another of our Wednesday morning trips to the zoo.
Old Friends
Thursday 20th August 2015
Some old friends of Chie's were visiting the UK, so we met up for dinner this evening.
Saturday 22nd August 2015
A return visit to Folkestone, where Erika and I had bunked off to one Friday earlier in the summer, as it was a nice sunny day today, and Erika wanted to go to the beach.
Coram's Fields and Tweed Suit
Sunday 23rd August 2015
Took Erika to the playground in Coram's Fields. Then lunch at Ciao Bella, and after that went to pick up my new tweed suit.
Regency Cafe
Monday 24th August 2015
Was feeling a bit down in the dumps, so made a foray out from the office at lunchtime to visit the Regency Cafe.
To the East Midlands
Tuesday 25th August 2015
Erika's nursery was closed most of this week, so I took a couple of days off to take her up to the East Midlands to visit Grandma.
Wednesday in the East Midlands
Wednesday 26th August 2015
Visited Melbourne and Calke Abbey in the morning, then headed back to London in the afternoon.
Friday 28th August 2015
Impromptu evening visit to Frank's. Possilbly last of the season?
Kayano's Birthday
Saturday 29th August 2015
Went down to Brixton for Erika's friend's birthday party.
Apocaplypse in the Tate Britain
Sunday 30th August 2015
Took Erika for a play date with the kids of a colleague who was visiting from the US. This included a brief visit to the Tate Britain during which Erika had an apocalyptic tantrum. We can never go there again.
Rainy Bank Holiday Monday
Monday 31st August 2015
Rained pretty much all day, barely left the flat. Erika baked biscuits amongst other things.