London August 2016
August 2016

John's Pictures

Captain Barnacles Costume
Tuesday 2nd August 2016
The Captain Barnacles costume I'd ordered for Erika's birthday arrived today.
Family and Friends
Saturday 6th August 2016
Mum, Adrian, Liz and the kids all descended on London for the day. Went to the London Aquarium in the morning, then lunch nearby. In the afternoon Leon, Yukari, Aiko and Mei were also in London so we met up with them too.
Dimsum and Gardening
Sunday 7th August 2016
Went out for dimsum for lunch, later on did a bit of gardening back at home.
Lunch at Santini
Tuesday 9th August 2016
Had lunch with Chie at Santini in Belgravia.
Miracle Doughnuts
Wednesday 10th August 2016
Erika received a doughnut shop play set in the post from Jiijii Baabaa.
Thursday 11th August 2016
Went to the Duke of Wellington to raise a glass to the recently passed away Duke of Westminster. Whilst there met a fascinating chap called Stephen who turned out to be a movie producer.
Sunday 14th August 2016
A day out to Whitstable with Chie, Erika, and some of the usual suspects from work.
English Wine and Spirits Company
Thursday 18th August 2016
Went to the English Wine and Spirits Company in the city in the evening to sample some English wines with Andrew and Cardo. Then a tapas bar where I had a Spanish Negroni (Spanegroni?), followed by a terrible hipster cocktail bar and a ropey East End pub.
Saturday 20th August 2016
I had the afternoon off from parenting duties, and went for a very meandering wander through London, starting in St. James's, then to Holborn, and on to Blackfriars from where I got the train back home.
The Zoo
Sunday 21st August 2016
Took Erika to the zoo.
Tube Poster
Monday 22nd August 2016
Marseille? Non... C'est Ramgate.
Sudden Thirst for Nyetimber
Thursday 25th August 2016
I had a suddent thirst for Nyetimber after getting home, so raced down to the Waitrose in Camden, picked up a couple of bottles, and raced back home again in time to enjoy a drink out in the garden.
In The Garden Again
Friday 26th August 2016
Another pleasant summer evening out in the garden.
Lunch with Zia
Saturday 27th August 2016
Had lunch with Zia and family, who had just moved to the neighbourhood - her and Erika immediately hit it off!
High Commission of India
Sunday 28th August 2016
Oddly we were invited to a kids party in one of the apartments in the building where the High Commission of India's cultural centre is.
Kayano's Birthday Party
Monday 29th August 2016
Took Erika along to her friend Kayano's Birthday Party in the daytime. In the evening went to meet Andrew at the Angel.