London August 2018
August 2018
Pictures from London in August 2018.
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The Blackfriar, The Seven Stars and Murger Han
Wednesday 1st August 2018
Went for a drink with Andrew at The Blackfriar after work, then a quick visit to the Seven Stars, with a late dinner at Murger Han on the way home.
Thursday 2nd August 2018
Found a place in London which does farinata, near Ladrbroke Grove, so headed there this evening.
Champagne Lighthouse Bar
Friday 3rd August 2018
Got the train down to Folkestone after work to spend the evening at the Lighthouse Champagne Bar in Folkestone.
Little Venice and Environs
Sunday 5th August 2018
Arrived back at Paddington from South Wales just after 2:30 and then embarked on a spontaneous pub crawl in some of the nearby neighbourhoods with Ricardo.
Moving Stuff
Monday 6th August 2018
Started moving things out of Erika's room into the lounge ahead of the building work we'd be starting tomorrow.
Sound Proofing
Tuesday 7th August 2018
Builders came to start work on soundproofing Erika's room today. Consequently the flat was in a state of chaos.
Second Day of Building Works
Wednesday 8th August 2018
Not particularly good progress today!
No Building Work Today
Thursday 9th August 2018
Builders failed to show up today. Instead, here's some picture of the grapes in my garden.
Patio Drinks
Saturday 11th August 2018
Another afternoon on Andrew's patio.
Chapel Market
Sunday 12th August 2018
Went to Chapel Market in Islington in the morning - mainly because I wanted to try a rather fine looking greasy spoon there (Alpino), but while I was there bought some ingredients from the farmer's market and later on made a rather cheffy sort of dinner with stuffed courgette flowers.
Soundproofing Finished
Monday 13th August 2018
The main soundproofing work in Erika's bedroom was finished today. Still plastering and painting to go.
Kyle and Al
Tuesday 14th August 2018
Went out for a drink with Kyle and Al this evening, but neglected to take any photos.
Wednesday 15th August 2018
A guy came to do the plastering after the soundproofing work today.
Thursday 16th August 2018
Soundproofing guys came back for a little bit in the afternoon to do the last few finishing touches (refit skirting boards, light fitting and power points), although no time left to have the room painted before Chie and Erika returned from Japan. Afterwards I embarked on an intense cleaning operation and started trying to put Erika's room back together.
The Girls are Back
Friday 17th August 2018
Chie and Erika got back from Japan today. After another intense morning / early afternoon of cleaning and trying to move all the stuff back into Erika's room I went to meet them at the airport.
Zoo and Takoyaki
Saturday 18th August 2018
Erika requested to go to the zoo on her first day back in London (where there was a superhero theme today), so that's what we did, followed by takoyaki in the evening with the new takoyaki / nabe device Chie bought in Japan.
Cartoon Festival at Jewish Museum
Sunday 19th August 2018
Went to the cartoon festival at the Jewish Museum in Camden in the afternoon.
Monday 20th August 2018
Went to dinner at a local friends' house who had been on holiday in Spain and brought us back a bottle of vermouth.
Tuesday 21st August 2018
Went to the office again today - two days running!
Wednesday 22nd August 2018
I took the day off work and took Erika to Kidzania in Shepherd's Bush.
Dentist and Olivocarne
Thursday 23rd August 2018
Took Erika along to my dentist appointment, after which we had lunch at Olivocarne (Oliveto temporarily closed for a refurbishment) and then gelato at Olivogelo.
Dreary Friday
Friday 24th August 2018
Rather a dreary Friday.
South Downs
Saturday 25th August 2018
Took Chie and Erika down to the South Downs for a walk centred around Lewes, as a sort of continuation of my walk last month while they were in Japan.
Rainy Sunday
Sunday 26th August 2018
Dim sum for lunch, then attempted to make the best of the afternoon despite the rain.
Bank Holiday Monday
Monday 27th August 2018
Didn't do much with the day off - mostly stayed close to home, frequented the local playgrounds and briefly popped into the Pineapple.
Tuesday 28th August 2018
The usual check on the apples and grapes in the garden.
Wednesday 29th August 2018
Had Erika's room redecorated today after the soundproofing work. In the evening tried the new 50 Kalo for dinner.
Thursday 30th August 2018
Brief drink with Tim in the pub next to Euston station as he was working in London today.