Sunday Roast and Terrible Haircut
Sunday 9th August 2020
Went to a nearby pub for an al fresco Sunday roast. Later on I was suddenly gripped by a very ill advised urge to attempt to cut my own hair. It didn't end well.
London August 2020
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In the beer garden of the Junction Tavern, a "pub" I hardly ever go to because it feels too gastropubby for me. But, in these strange times, when all pubs are forced to behave in an unpublike manner (table service etc) I thought I might just as well be here. Also they had an outside table available, which the first pub I tried didn't.

My Sunday roast. I have to admit it was quite nice.

The results of the first round of me attempting to cut my own hair. I got the clipper settings wrong, and it was far too short round the sides and the back.

Later on after I also had a go at trimming the top with scissors, which made it even worse. Oh dear.