London August 2023
August 2023
Pictures from London in August 2023.
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Back form Devon
Tuesday 1st August 2023
Drove back from Devon today.
ESW in the Rain
Wednesday 2nd August 2023
Went and sat on the heath in the rain under a tarp and had some ESW.
Erika's Bedroom Redesign
Thursday 3rd August 2023
Erika was experimenting with some ideas for redesigning her bedroom a bit.
Exton Park and Monster Munch
Friday 4th August 2023
More Exton Park on the heath, this time with some Monster Munch.
Homemade Pizza
Saturday 5th August 2023
Went to Sainsbury’s, so we could buy ingredients for homemade pizza - Erika had got an idea for making a sort of face shaped pizza.
Pangbourne to Goring
Sunday 6th August 2023
I headed to an old stomping ground in the daytime for a walk along the Thames Path and to revisit some old favourite pubs. Mostly took video, not many photos.
Another Day Out with Erika
Monday 7th August 2023
More dimsum and bookshops with Erika, followed by gelato this time, then later on a spot of gardening.
Tuesday 8th August 2023
Started off going for some early evening Burgundy in a ditch on Hampstead Heath, but then received an invitation from Al to head into the centre of town for dinner.
New Stuff
Wednesday 9th August 2023
Replacement GoPro and my new MacBook arrived today. In the evening some ESW on the heath.
Outdoor Cooking and Flying Ants
Thursday 10th August 2023
Got the train down to Hassocks to spend the evening cooking and drinking wine while watching the sunset on the South Downs. Whilst doing so was attacked by a swarm of flying ants.
Last Day of Work
Friday 11th August 2023
After 16.5 years, today was my final day of employment with the company. The girls came to the office with me to help me pick things up from my desk.
Saturday 12th August 2023
I made a very nice lasagne for dinner.
Gilbert and George
Sunday 13th August 2023
Went to East London for lunch and to the visit the Gilbert and George centre. Also a visit to Eataly.
Monday 14th August 2023
I went for a walk in the marshes of the Thames Estuary.
Hampstead and Badminton
Tuesday 15th August 2023
Did a quick pub tour of Hampstead for a video. Then later on played badminton with the girls.
Saturday 19th August 2023
Bit of sabrage. Not much else to report.
Sunday 20th August 2023
Took Erika to the cinema for a change. Later on I went to the heath for a bit around dusk.
Vegan Goose and Hite
Monday 21st August 2023
Neither of these things were very good.
Vegan Unagi
Tuesday 22nd August 2023
Vegan unagi (eel) was better than expected.
Korean Food and Billy Can Gin and Tonic
Sunday 27th August 2023
Went for Korean food today for lunch on a whim, although to be honest it was a bit disappointing. Later on I randomly made a gin and tonic in my billy can.
Trofie with Pesto on the Heath
Monday 28th August 2023
Went to the heath to cook trofie with pesto for lunch.
Covent Garden Pubs, Somerset House and Pizza
Wednesday 30th August 2023
Quite a mixed bag of a day. I spent a bit of time in the afternoon making a video about Covent Garden pubs. Erika joined me for the tail end of that, and then we went for tea and cake in Somerset House. After that, dinner with work friends who were visiting from the US.