London December 2015
December 2015
Pictures from London in the run up to Erika's third Christmas.
John's Pictures

Work Christmas Party
Thursday 3rd December 2015
The evening of my company's Christmas party, which, as is becoming the tradition, we mostly avoided and went to other venues instead.
Santa Claus
Friday 4th December 2015
Erika went to visit Santa Claus near Sloane Square at lunchtime, I popped out from work to go with her.
Monday 7th December 2015
Drove back from South Wales in the morning, then had a horrible time trying to park the zipcar. Went to the Southampton Arms in the evening.
Frederic Magnien 2011 Gevrey Chambertin
Friday 11th December 2015
Tried a different Gevrey Chambertin.
Zoo, Pizza, My Club, Madeira
Saturday 12th December 2015
Took Erika to the zoo in the morning, then pizza at Rossopomodoro for lunch. Then a visit to my club whilst Erika dozed in the afternoon. Oh, and bought a 100 year old bottle of Madeira.
Afternoon Tea with Kyle, Hannah and Ralph
Sunday 13th December 2015
Kyle, Hannah and Ralph came round for afternoon tea.
Old Wine Shades
Tuesday 15th December 2015
Evening out with Al, Kyle and Andrew in the City - at the Old Wine Shades, followed by the Relais de Venise.
Erika's Christmas Party
Wednesday 16th December 2015
Erika went to the Christmas party at her nursery in the afternoon. In the evening Chie went out, and owing to logistics reasons Erika and I went for dinner at Oliveto.
The Nightbeer before Quaintmas
Friday 18th December 2015
In what is possibly becoming a pre-Christmas tradition, like last year we went on a pub crawl in search of festive quaintness. This time all the way out to Oxford.
Tidying up the Garden
Saturday 19th December 2015
Spent the day in and around the flat, including a while tidying up the garden.
Another Tea Party
Sunday 20th December 2015
Another tea party this afternoon, with some of Chie's friends this time - but didn't manage to take any pictures while the guests were here!
Monday 21st December 2015
Just one picture of the Christmas tree etc.
Christmas Shopping
Wednesday 23rd December 2015
Took the afternoon off to do Christmas shopping, and fit in a stroll around St. James's and a visit to my club.
Christmas Eve
Thursday 24th December 2015
The day before Christmas, doing festive things, and putting out the mince pie etc for Santa.
Christmas Day
Friday 25th December 2015
Christmas Day, spent mostly at home, with a foray out to the pub.
Boxing Day
Saturday 26th December 2015
Dim sum for lunch.
Sunday 27th December 2015
Went down to Guildford for a festive visit to Adrian, Liz and the kids in the afternoon, and then Chie flew off to Japan in the evening.
Winter Wonderland
Monday 28th December 2015
First full day of my week-and-a-bit stint of lookinf after Erika by myself while Chie was in Japan - took Erika to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
To The East Midlands
Tuesday 29th December 2015
Erika and I got the train up to the East Midlands to visit Grandma.
Back to London
Wednesday 30th December 2015
Just one picture of Erika eating Maltesers on the train back to London.
Zoo and New Year's Eve
Thursday 31st December 2015
Took Erika to the zoo in the daytime, then had the slightly surreal experience of spending New Year's Eve with my sole company being a 3 year old with absolutely no grasp of the significance of the event.