London December 2021
December 2021
Pictures from London in December 2021.
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Advent Calendar
Wednesday 1st December 2021
Set up Erika's advent calendar, and in the evening tried Marmite Beer.
Sunny Afternoon
Thursday 2nd December 2021
Took the afternoon off work because the sky was blue, and it seems a shame to be cooped up indoors this time of year with daylight such a precious commodity. Went to the heath of course.
Christmas Tree
Friday 3rd December 2021
Got our Christmas tree this afternoon, and decorated it in the evening.
Afternoon on the Heath
Saturday 4th December 2021
The girls were busy for all of the daytime today (Japanese school in the morning, then with Japanese friends in the afternoon) so I spent pretty much the entire afternoon on the heath. Started with some fresh pasta for lunch from the farmer's market, along with some particularly nice Gevrey Chambertin, then a bit later on met up with Christian while he was taking his son out for a walk.
Heath with Erika
Sunday 5th December 2021
Erika joined me on a walk to the heath for a change.
GevCham in the Dark and Homemade Pizza
Tuesday 7th December 2021
The usual wine on the heath while Erika was at her woodworking class, then later on for dinner we made pizza.
Wednesday 8th December 2021
Erika playing with some boxes this evening.
Thursday 9th December 2021
Went to my dentist in Belgravia today. Decided to walk there. Lunch afterwards at Olivo.
Sunset GevCham
Friday 10th December 2021
Made it to the heath in time for sunset, and it was quite a nice one today.
Parliament Square and St. James's
Saturday 11th December 2021
Walked down to the centre again, taking in Parliament Square and St. James's.
Sunday on the Heath
Sunday 12th December 2021
The girls were out for the afternoon and evening so I had an extended time on the heath - Gevrey Chambertin around sunset then some ESW and a camp stove cooked meal after dark.
Thursday 16th December 2021
Short walk to the heath.
Wednesday 22nd December 2021
An inbetween day with nothing much planned. Tried to go to the Pineapple for lunch, but we were unsuccessful. Later on considered going for a pint at the Southampton Arms instead, but ultimately didn't feel like it.
Dimsum etc
Thursday 23rd December 2021
Went down to Chinatown fo dimsum at the ever excellent Joy King Lau for lunch. Then I surveyed a few cocktail bars around Soho, and finally a drink and dinner with Erika at the Pineapple on the way home.
Christmas Eve
Friday 24th December 2021
Rainy walk on Hampstead Heath in the late afternoon / early evening.
Christmas Day
Saturday 25th December 2021
Christmas Day at home with the girls.
Boxing Day
Sunday 26th December 2021
Quiet boxing day at home.
Monday 27th December 2021
Whatever you call the day after boxing day. Pizza for dinner - we were fed up of cooking by this point, and Chie and Erika did a recital.
Green Shoots, Coffee and Pink Sky
Wednesday 29th December 2021
Spotted some green shoots poking through the soil in the garden. Made coffee outdoors for something to do. Later on a bit of pink sky seen from the garden.
Thursday 30th December 2021
Not much to report. I found myself craving tonic water.
New Year's Eve Fire
Friday 31st December 2021
Made a fire in the back garden to help pass the time.