London December 2022
December 2022
Pictures from London in a decidedly wintery December 2022.
John's Pictures

Pink Sky
Thursday 1st December 2022
Just a few pictures of some pink sky in the evening.
Compression Sack and Christmas Tree
Friday 2nd December 2022
Received a compression sack for my new sleeping bag / quilt today. In the evening Erika decorated our Christmas tree.
Not Quite a Wild Camp
Saturday 3rd December 2022
Attempted another wild camp this evening, but ended up giving up and going home as I ran out of things to do by about 7:30pm, wasn't particularly tired, and felt a bit daunted by the many dark hours which lay ahead!
Sunday 4th December 2022
Quiet morning at home, lunch at the Pineapple, then a short walk on the heath in the afternoon.
Dishwasher Broken, Soup Ladle Sabrage and Dragon Fruit
Thursday 8th December 2022
To top off a rather grueling week (Chie had flu or something so I was taking care of her while doing absolutely everything around the house in addition to my full time job) the dishwasher broke. In the evening I tried to lift my spirits by sabraging a bottle of ESW with a soup ladle, and Erika had a sudden craving for dragon fruit.
End of a Hard Week
Friday 9th December 2022
Chie was just about well enough to get out of bed for a bit finally today, so I took the opportunity to rewards myself for my very hard work with a very quick visit to the Pineapple.
Saturday 10th December 2022
Chie was on the mend but not yet 100% so I took Erika to her Japanese school in the morning instead, and stood in for the duties Chie had been volunteered for (helping out with a sale of old books). After school finished, Erika and I went for lunch nearby and a bit of clothes shopping. Later on in the day I had a walk to the heath around sunset.
Frosty Morning
Sunday 11th December 2022
Woke up early this morning to see the frost and mist on Hampstead Heath.
Monday 12th December 2022
It had snowed overnight, and a decent covering was left in the morning.
Christmas Concert
Wednesday 14th December 2022
Went to see Erika's (short but sweet) school Christmas concert in the afternoon.
Snowy Heath
Friday 16th December 2022
Went for a walk on the heath, and was surprised to see how much snow was still left lying around from Monday.
Snowy Heath Again
Saturday 17th December 2022
Another stroll on the heath to enjoy the surprisingly amount of remaining snow.
Sunday 18th December 2022
Went down to Deptford to see Andrew, for what was supposed to be a gathering of a number of his friends, but in the end nobody else but me could make it.
Sushi and A Christmas Carol
Tuesday 20th December 2022
Chie went out for the evening. Erika and I ordered in sushi and sat on the floor eating it while watching the latest remake of Dickens's A Christmas Carol.
Avebury Winter Solstice
Wednesday 21st December 2022
Once more to Avebury for the afternoon / evening / night to mark the winter solstice.
Day After (?) The Winter Solstice
Thursday 22nd December 2022
The solstice is actually a single moment in time, rather than a whole day, which happened just before 10pm last night. I'd heard Stonehenge would be observing the solstice at dawn this morning, i.e. the end of the longest night, so assumed that would be the case at Avebury too. As it turned out not a huge amount seemed to be going on, probably not helped by the fact it was grey and damp around sunrise and there wasn't much to see.
Regency Cafe
Friday 23rd December 2022
Chie was very keen to have a breakfast (albeit at lunchtime) at the Regency Cafe, and today was their last opening day of 2023, so we headed there in the daytime.
Christmas Eve - Brasserie Zedel
Saturday 24th December 2022
Went for lunch at Brasserie Zedel, where we had originally booked for our wedding anniversary at the start of December, but had to postpone as Chie had been ill at the time. In the evening Erika constructed a gingerbread house and before bedtime set out the things for Santa.
Christmas Day
Sunday 25th December 2022
Christmas Day, mostly at home, but with a foray out to the Pineapple in the middle.
Boxing Day
Monday 26th December 2022
I went for a short walk to the heath in the afternoon while Chie and Erika were visiting friends in Kings Cross. Later on in the evening we went to visit friends in Haringey, but I didn't take any photos.
London to Bristol
Tuesday 27th December 2022
We'd decided to head to South Wales for some of the bit between Christmas in New Year, and to break up the journey we stayed in Bristol tonight, at the hotel with views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The weather was grim and the driving was awful, but it was a change of scenery at least!
Wednesday 28th December 2022
Headed to Abergavenny where we spent the afternoon with Robin and Robert, although I neglected to take any photos!
Thursday 29th December 2022
I went for a short walk in the Usk Valley near our hotel in the morning while the girls availed themselves of the swimming pool at the hotel. For lunch we headed to Magor to meet Bec, Dave, Jessica and Louise, and then after that back to their house for most of the remainder of the day.
Back to London
Friday 30th December 2022
Drove back to London today, and thankfully the drive was much quicker and easier than on the way to Wales - we left the hotel at 10am and even with a stop for lunch in Reading we were back home by just after 2pm. That gave me enough time to head off to the heath for a walk afterwards.
Wolstonbury Hill and New Year's Eve
Saturday 31st December 2022
The girls spent the daytime with Japanese friends, and I headed down to the South Downs for a windy/rainy walk around Wolstonbury Hill, and lunch under a tarp. Back home for the evening to see in the new year with Chie and Erika.