London February 2017
February 2017
Pictures from London in February 2017.
John's Pictures

Wednesday 1st February 2017
Made a structure with Erika's Kapla blocks with which I was quite pleased.
Thursday 2nd February 2017
First daffodils of the year and a veggie burger for lunch.
Pineapple and Hampstead Heath
Saturday 4th February 2017
Lunch at the Pineapple then I took a stroll across Hampstead Heath and met Cardo for an early evening drink at the Holly Bush.
Sunday 5th February 2017
My first foray into sabrage.
Around King's Cross
Tuesday 7th February 2017
A couple of random outdoors shots around King's Cross.
Hinamatsuri Dolls
Saturday 11th February 2017
The Hinamatsuri dolls went out on display today.
Sunday 12th February 2017
Afternoon off from parenting duties, went for a pub lunch.
Dinner at Langan's
Monday 13th February 2017
Chie and Erika went off to Grenoble for a few days to visit one of Chie's friends and see the snow. In the evening I dined at Langan's.
Wednesday 15th February 2017
Took advantage of my last night of temporary bachelordom for a bit of a blowout with the gang at Rules.
Friday 17th February 2017
Just a few random pictures of the early evening sky on arrival back in Kentish Town after work. It was noteworthy because for the first time I'd noticed I was arriving home in mostly daylight.
Kids Day Out
Saturday 18th February 2017
Had a packed day out with one of Erika's friends.
Tea Party
Sunday 19th February 2017
Just one picture of Erika having a tea party in the lounge at home.
Monday 20th February 2017
We babysat for a friend of a friend this evening.
Tuesday 21st February 2017
I went for Malaysian food for dinner.
Windy Day
Thursday 23rd February 2017
Very windy today!
Friday 24th February 2017
A couple of random pictures.
Brixton Pop, Sabrage and Ricardo's Place
Saturday 25th February 2017
Went to Brixton Pop for lunch with some of Erika's friends, then later in the afternoon went round to Ricardo's place for drinks and a bit of sabrage.
Sunday 26th February 2017
Made fresh pasta with Erika and also cooked paninsette for the first time, to try and recreate at home the food at Vico Palla in Genoa.
Monday 27th February 2017
A picture of some train seats - I think I was just demonstrating how quiet my commute home was.
Pancake Day
Tuesday 28th February 2017
Just one picture of Erika eating pancakes.